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Easy Sudoku for 24/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:58 A lovely rose.
Good night all!
24/Mar/19 12:18 AM
24/Mar/19 12:25 AM
Good Maen
Sun is up and so am I - spring in the air but frost on the ground- what to do what to do - a new day to step out on

Go for a walk, visit the craft fairer and the always present - finish that blasted homework!!!!!!
24/Mar/19 12:31 AM
Everybody!! Up early. Holding a cribbage tourney today here in Napa. Hoping for good cards!
24/Mar/19 1:05 AM

Good luck, Denny!
24/Mar/19 1:11 AM
The rain and wind are gone, the sun is out, and I have Wombat's poozle to ponder. Life is good!
24/Mar/19 1:14 AM
Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. Victor Hugo
Guess I'll keep laughing!
24/Mar/19 1:22 AM
Here's Shosho's number!
24/Mar/19 1:23 AM
2:02. Beautiful rose! 'Morning, everyone.
24/Mar/19 1:27 AM
1.59. Good 3pm. everyone.
24/Mar/19 1:55 AM
24/Mar/19 3:01 AM
What a gorgeous Rose!
24/Mar/19 4:47 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!
24/Mar/19 4:58 AM
Whoa! But, but, jacalmi pushed me!
I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne!
24/Mar/19 4:59 AM
Had lovely breakfast with my brothers to discuss family financial orders. Luckily we dissolved the family trust last year and now are just cleaning up the little stuffsies. Still I enjoyed my California Benedict eggs.
24/Mar/19 5:01 AM
Either the serving sizes have grown or my appetite has diminished. Ended up eating only half and took it home. Whereupon my hubby just waking up decided he'd like my leftovers I brought and finished it up! We have had split meals at restaurants and come away feeling full and satisfied.
24/Mar/19 5:04 AM
Somehow that last post is very discombobulating - ugh - the teacher in me says 'Clean it up!!!' So here goes -
Ended up eating only half and took the other half home. Whereupon my hubby who was just waking up, decided that he'd like to eat my leftovers! We have split meals at restaurants when we travels and come away feeling full and satisfied!
24/Mar/19 5:07 AM
Might as well get the CP!!! So ta daa!!!
24/Mar/19 5:09 AM
Ahhh, Shosho! California Eggs Benedict ... our family favorite! For those of you who do not live out here in Kookie La La Land, I will explain! The recipe is based upon traditional Eggs Benedict, but with healthier and fresher substitutions. Instead of ham, it uses a slice of turkey More...
24/Mar/19 5:23 AM
I like smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon. Tried adding cheese but the egg kept sliding off. Whole wheat bread instead of English muffin is nutritious plus gives the egg more room. Serve with fresh squeezed orange juice and green tea.
24/Mar/19 7:36 AM
Just found a Jamie Oliver recipes for hollandaise sauce and eggs Benedict, so im going to scoff down some toast and coffee then go to shops for ingredients and then have nice brunch yum yum
24/Mar/19 7:39 AM
Talk about discombobulation, still no time to waste on that.

Thanks for the inspiration shosho, Judy and DotCom
24/Mar/19 7:46 AM
That Rage, all he could think about is Eggs Benedict. He just stomped, I say stomped, all over Keith's twenty two!

24/Mar/19 7:56 AM
Morning all,beautiful rose.
Oh dear, Rage is in trouble ! 😂😂
It's been raining here at Orroroo ,they really need it.
24/Mar/19 8:51 AM
1:25, back from my long training run (33km today), only three weeks until the Canberra ultra ! Good morning everyone.
24/Mar/19 11:04 AM
Good morning all.
Had news from my daughter just now that Cyclone Veronica is pretty much overhead right now. It's a large, slow moving cyclone which sometimes makes them stronger and more damaging. Just hoping they get through it safely.
24/Mar/19 11:21 AM
Good maEn, good people. I think I did the puzzle this morning and it was start with 2 and go up. Easy. If that doesn't make sense I'm remembering a different puzzle.
24/Mar/19 11:24 AM
I'm hoping with you, Anne.
24/Mar/19 11:25 AM
I have been all over Kalamazoo trying to find a place to do inexpensive business printing, making adjustments to my files along the way. After a few hours I got my document the best I could get it and was still frustrated by what the printing cost would be. Then it suddenly dawned on me that my More...
24/Mar/19 11:31 AM
A week from now Burl and I will be done with our big annual trade show and taking time en route to visit with Linda Saturday to Sunday. Linda used to be a Sudokuland regular and she still keeps in touch through TOS. Her husband makes homemade wine. I'm looking forward to sampling it!
24/Mar/19 11:37 AM
all. I'm also keeping your daughter's family & you in my thoughts and prayers Anne.
24/Mar/19 12:34 PM
Thank you Plum and Snowbird. My daughter said that my granddaughter's house has lost power and she's not feeling well with a cold, and so is baby Isaac, due to teething again. I'm glad it wasn't this weekend I was flying up there to visit. Off next weekend for Isaac's first birthday.
24/Mar/19 1:17 PM
Hopefully the town survives the bashing of the wind and rain this time.
24/Mar/19 1:18 PM
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