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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
23/Mar/19 12:00 AM
Solve up skipping 5 (1->4,6->9,5).
23/Mar/19 12:05 AM
Amelia, you are parked for the night in Minnipa, South Australia, ''home of the Concrete Crappa''? Man, I have to add that to my Bucket List!

Looks like a very interesting area, though!
23/Mar/19 12:07 AM
Remembering Greg.
Happy Birthday Stephanie and Sailor51.
My favorite memory of Greg is how he'd visit newbies on their pages and leave a virtual gift of a Canadian Beaver Tail - a fried bread treat variation on elephant ears
23/Mar/19 12:14 AM
1:51 Lovely photo of Cottesloe Beach.

Good night one and all.
23/Mar/19 12:16 AM
FYI there's a RIP thread in the Forum for collecting memories in one place.
23/Mar/19 12:21 AM
Miss you, Greg ...
23/Mar/19 12:26 AM
2:23. A late (and slow) Good Morning, all!
23/Mar/19 12:38 AM
23/Mar/19 12:59 AM
I got a little jolt seeing the birthday announcements this morning. Greg was such an integral part of this site. my friend.
23/Mar/19 1:30 AM
23/Mar/19 2:01 AM
Remembering the kind CG today
23/Mar/19 2:24 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
23/Mar/19 2:33 AM
Partly sunny.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Missing you, too, Greg.
23/Mar/19 4:00 AM
Love those waves! Beautiful beach! Nice photo , Wendy.
23/Mar/19 4:27 AM
1:11. Good morning everyone.
23/Mar/19 6:46 AM
This Easy was not so much a puzzle as just some clerical work. It would be great for kids, though, if you have any handy!
23/Mar/19 7:04 AM
Look at that: Stephanie joined twice, but to my recollection never commented once.

Remembering Greg, though.... he *did* comment.
23/Mar/19 7:05 AM
Greg even commented on Stephanie's page, to wish her a happy birthday. Her second page explains the second membership - she forgot her log in information for the first one!
23/Mar/19 7:09 AM
I feel terrible complaining about the weather, considering what is going on around the globe, but our sky just fell. It is not raining - water is just falling down, as if the ocean is above us and has nothing to hold it up.
23/Mar/19 7:12 AM
And now the sun is out, as if to say, who, me, I went missing? If not for the puddles, no, lakes, on the ground, you'd never know there was just a storm, with high winds and tons of water. It is just lovely outside.
23/Mar/19 7:42 AM
Will I.....won't I.....will I....Well I dawdled for a bit - no Keith so

23/Mar/19 7:59 AM
Peter has pounced on Poor Keith's preferred number, and so the site falls into a coma, but not is time to awake, as there is a POOZLE to post.


This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of More...
23/Mar/19 9:09 AM
Miss you, Greg.

Here we are having a moment.
23/Mar/19 9:19 AM
& here I am enjoying one of the coveted Beavertails. So far, I've found them in Quebec, Whistler, Ottawa, Montreal, point being, you shouldn't visit Canada without trying one.

23/Mar/19 9:43 AM
Good maEn
I didn't realize
Could get a bear claw here
23/Mar/19 10:20 AM
What a great photo of Keith with Beavertail. It is no surprise that mention of Greg brings a rash of comments about beavertails and the very cheery greetings that Greg sent to each new member. HE WILL LONG BE REMEMBERED IN SUDOKULAND.
23/Mar/19 11:12 AM
all, I miss Greg too. I never got to meet him - he was to come out to Merrickville, 45 minutes from Ottawa, but he wasn't able to. In his memory, I'll have a Killaloe Sunrise Beavertail. It is covered with cinnamon sugar and lemon. Delicious!!
23/Mar/19 12:10 PM
I also regret not to meet Greg. I considered him a friend.
23/Mar/19 1:07 PM
23/Mar/19 3:01 PM
I didn't have enough time to get to know Greg on the site, but long enough to realise that he was a funny guy. My loss
23/Mar/19 3:06 PM
Wombat mentioned the site going into a coma earlier. It definitely did yesterday, didn't even get to beer o'clock. See what happens if I leave you alone for one day!
23/Mar/19 3:11 PM
Well that's not going to happen today

You can get it digging a hole
You can get it waking up a comatose website
Matter of fact I've got it now
An Ice Cold Victorian Bitter

There are drinks in the tap for anyone who cares to participate
23/Mar/19 3:14 PM
Ah hell, a CP to boot
23/Mar/19 3:17 PM
When I was younger all I wanted was a nice BMW. Now I don't care about the W...
23/Mar/19 3:30 PM
Evening all from Orroroo,SA. Wonderful photo ,thanks Wendy.
Judy,you crack me up,😂😂 it was just a free camp area didn't get into the town. Made our own entertainment with another couple that were staying there,drinks and chatter.
23/Mar/19 6:37 PM
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