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Easy Sudoku for 25/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesday!
25/Nov/14 12:00 AM
1:49. It took me a few seconds to realise there's someone on the couch! Good night all.
25/Nov/14 12:03 AM
, Chris - I will go work the puzzle now. I can tell you right now that I won't beat your time.
25/Nov/14 12:21 AM
Good morning to all! Is that person dreaming that they're flying?
25/Nov/14 1:02 AM
Answers to the ‘What a Hodgepodge’ puzzle, and well done to all!

1. scone and cone
2. (Edouard) Manet and (Tyler) Mane
3. gloom and (Fruit 0f the) Loom
4. flame (war) and lame
5. (Jonas) Salk and Sal Mineo
6. chump and hump
7. swells and wells
8. wives and (St.) More...
25/Nov/14 1:02 AM
I appreciate the thanks for the puzzle, but I'm not sure when another one will come. I'll try for one sometime between now and Christmas,
25/Nov/14 1:04 AM
25/Nov/14 2:15 AM
Thanks for taking this past weekend, Greg. I'll continue with Rebuses and a few other surprises. Just shoot me a message like you did this go-round.
25/Nov/14 2:59 AM
CG, I sent 2 answers for # 14. One was tongue in cheek.
25/Nov/14 3:33 AM
Frat house?
25/Nov/14 3:53 AM

My mistake Sarah Beth. I didn't see your second answer. You scored 15 for 15. My apologies.
25/Nov/14 3:58 AM
25/Nov/14 4:19 AM
Slow start today!
25/Nov/14 5:51 AM
Probably not the safest arrangement.
25/Nov/14 6:07 AM

Ann purchased a house for $ 183592. She wants to sell it for a profit of exactly 13%. However, she does not want to sell it herself. She wants a Real Estate Agent to sell it for her. The Agent must make a commission of exactly 5.7% (in More...
25/Nov/14 6:18 AM
Yea, safety first is always the rule in Frat houses.
25/Nov/14 6:21 AM
Morning all,hope he doesn't roll over in his sleep.
Nature has put on brilliant light shows two days running even giving us some heavy rain to go with it. We still have cloud cover today.
25/Nov/14 6:24 AM
Need some push Keith?
25/Nov/14 6:27 AM
Hmm,maybe he has gone back to bed.
25/Nov/14 6:28 AM
I'll keep trying!
25/Nov/14 6:29 AM
Are you there yet?
25/Nov/14 6:29 AM
25/Nov/14 6:29 AM
25/Nov/14 6:29 AM
Thx for the push.
25/Nov/14 6:30 AM
Lol Keith back in the nick of time. Well done.
25/Nov/14 6:30 AM
He's gonna freak out when he wakes up and gets up off the couch. That first step is the biggest.
25/Nov/14 6:31 AM
Way to go, Keith!
Serena - I couldn't figure out your comment about the 'arrangement' and then I remembered the picture!!
I think I sent a correct answer for the house sale. It amazes me what houses cost these days compared to when Jeanie and I were buying our first house!!
25/Nov/14 6:36 AM
Came in at number 18, went to answer a question from Mr P, and came back at 27.
25/Nov/14 6:56 AM
Ande then, with a 20 minute gap, there's no more posts and I'm number 28.
25/Nov/14 6:57 AM
Good Morning.
25/Nov/14 6:57 AM
The sun is out again today, after a drizzly grey day yesterday.
25/Nov/14 6:58 AM
I have a couple of appointmanets to keep me busy today. Cya later.
25/Nov/14 6:59 AM
CP, are appointmanets meetings set up between French painters?
25/Nov/14 7:08 AM
25/Nov/14 7:26 AM
hope he wakes up on the right foot!
25/Nov/14 7:37 AM
we had rain, lots of it ...and it washed away most of the snow...
25/Nov/14 7:41 AM
Sent my answer to Serena's puzzle.
25/Nov/14 7:55 AM
Hmm. Nearing the bottom of the page.
25/Nov/14 7:56 AM
Anyone else around?
25/Nov/14 7:57 AM
25/Nov/14 7:57 AM
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