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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Sunday morning? g'day all ...
Baz, that joke was posted just a few days ago---but it is funny. Stop drinking and read the posts.

My nearest neighbor (1/2 mile away) is going to make me a little bag to put my stuff in for riding the tractor. She is retired and is very nice. I mow the front part of her yard and she More...
a-mazing how watching the soccer can keep one up later than normal! I think France is going to join us in the final 16. for catherine and fiona's sakes I hope so
You up late Baz.
Whoop more more.

My husband said he would make me a wooden box for my stuff but this will be easier. He found my lip gloss out in the field where it fell off---but the dog had gotten to it so I don't want it anymore.
Hey the day changed!
Ok, I am putting on my yesterday comments---how come you A people can't be on our time?
kim - We had a phase a while back when a concreting company made its whole fleet pink. You can still see them around - it was very risque at the time. Maybe someone will remind me how it began ... what colour is your tractor?
Go AUSSIES GO!!!! Great game for the Wallabies - bring on the Bledisloe Cup...

Ed - I'm hooked on the Foo Fighters 'In your Honor' 2nd Cd only, not a Foo Fighters fan - but this is very mellow.
what is your time kim? it's gone midnight here
Good Maen. A beautiful day and we're having a barbeque. enjoy the weekend everyone.
3:19. That is a close-up.

It is 10 am here on SATURDAY
Kim From To lots of people
Lisa, you are funny
Warren, ditto in what Deb said. Take a little time off---I guess that is hard for guys?
Ed, Dixie County
Ed, My Dad is a fan of the D. Rays so it matters to him.
Mickey, I don't remember my guess but I More...
isn't it interesting (?!) how in the last 30 mins before changeover noone seems to be around and then as soon as the new page comes on there are all these people here! nice tho.
was that from kim or from to lots of people?
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Cute kid!
Cee Cee, please I don't want a vaccum--someone might expect me to use it. I have wood floors.

Loza, that census one took me three days, keep at it. Hint find all the possible 3 number combos that mult to give 72. Then look very carefully at the other two clues.
Hi all, Good Maen. It's 9:11 a.m. in Texas and sunny skies.
Loza, my best guess is that since it is Sunday morning in the states, a lot of us were just waiting to do the new puzzle. That's my story.
well kim if you have it at 10am saturday, I hope you have a great day on your tractor. Saturdays are definitely tractor days. I will dream that you are mowing all the out of control grass in our back yard as I sleep.
I meant Saturday morning.
Kim - I'm using a Bosch IXO to put together a cabinet, it's really cute and blue. I'm glad to hear that you are colour co-ordinating your accessories for your tractor. Don't playdown 40hp, 40 horses are a lot to muck out if you didn't have a tractor.
9:13 in Des Moines - and it look like a great day for our World Famus ART Fest here today and Sunday.
Loza, it was from me to lots of people but I can not take the From off.

At what time does this change? And for who's time is it midnight?

Loza, my tractor is a deep blue the same color as my eyes--that is what my husband says. She is going to make me a pink and blue little bag for the tractor---blue with little pink flowers--very nice.
thanks for the tip kim. I'd given up. I will have to go back to the archive and find it again and print it out! it sounds like a worthwhile challenge so I guess it's as well that there's no answer posted (or none that I've seen).
I've gotta go dream now. mow good!
My husband wants to make a wood box with a latch on top---that is nice too but I will have to paint it to match. Who is it---it is Nancy I think that is the artist---Nancy could you paint a nice picture on my tractor box?
Kristi from TX: Thanks for the sugar cookie recipe. My son and I mixed it last night and made it this morning. Since we aren’t a big icing family, we didn’t make the icing. The recipe was simple, tasty and a covert way to go over letters with my son (letter cookie cutters). Don’t tell him there was learning involved though.
2:49 maEn all!
ps just saw your reply - lovely I like blue!
now up to 12.18am on the east coast of Australia - Qld, NSW, ACT, and Victoria (plus Tasmania of course, they hate to be ignored).
so the page changes when we hit midnight which from what you said kim, is 10am for you in Florida
ok. g'night all now. have a lovely one everybody.
What a precious baby!
Kim, cut through Ocala, less traffic and prettier drive. Bring your umbrella, raining here. Coffee is on!
Billy, I don't know what a Bosch IXO is. I like his paintings but they are a little on the dark side don't you think?
I read a lot of books with Harry Bosch as the main character--who is the author--anyone want to try that one?
How about Reacher as the main character---answer? I am an avid reader.
Ok, it is getting hot out and the kids are driving me crazy. They had friends spend the night and now they all want breakfast---geezzzz.
I am going out on my tractor after I put the breakfast bars and cereal on the table.
Have a nice day, I will check in tonight or when it gets too hot.
Cee Cee, I will head thought Bronson and turn left when I get to Ocala, thanks for the tip. Wouldn't the morning commuters love seeing a tractor on the Interstate?
Good maeN to all
Ok, I need to get going. If anyone cares, it is a snowman on the tough puzzle.
In the last three years I have sold a home, purchased a home, buried an aunt, uncle, father, step-father, and very good friend/neighbor. One of my oldest and dearest friend lost his mother, and she probably loved me more than her own children. I've seen my best friend (my brother) move half way More...
Very cute picture of the baby with a dirty face.
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