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Medium Sudoku for 25/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well Done
7min 25 sec Love the beach.
11:09 - slow, but worth the effort - a pretty piccy.
Beautiful picture. Where in FL is Singer Island?
Good Maen!
Singer Island in in South Flordia, near Palm Beach, a very rich place.
Good Maen to all. Great picture!
Forgot the timer! G'Maen, all.
Wish me luck - I'll be on the road here for a while.
7:46 with lots of mistakes along the way. A slow Saturday morning.
Wish I was there.
14.30...really slow
Slow time but no guesses and no mistakes! Beautiful photo. I'm headed that direction in November. This week however, I get to be part of about a 300 person, high school church camp. Say a few prayers for us all, please.
The palm trees are very pretty
7:37..Beautiful day here in the great Southern USA.... mid 90's... we need some rain
slow 30:52 got stuck. nice picture and nice to know where it is.
8:54 (but that was using automatic removal of possibilites). Looks like Darwin doesn't hold the patent on beautiful tropical sunsets. Maen all.
beautiful sunsets like this I can see from my place in Mexico....Wow....Only 5 months until I return...
10:47 slow time, out of practice. Still suffering from jetlag.
Nice sunrise/sunset!! Watched a nice sunrise this morning as I headed off for an early, frosty morning walk.
Good Maen everyone. Haven't commented for a while. Can't believe that there are so few comments today. Beautiful sunsets. Love the sea. Have a good day. Cheers
8:49 a difficult medium today.
bit slow
have a great day/night one and all
A very slow 10:15 in the archives today, July 27, 2006. Must be the heat, or the humidity.
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