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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Who is that with Bill?
27/Aug/15 12:07 AM
HI, HalT ...& you could have gotten LPOTD! Guess you managed first though! Good day to all who follow -
27/Aug/15 12:07 AM
But I did get LPOTD, Joyce.
27/Aug/15 12:22 AM
, y'all! Drop in for now. Silverteen has a babysitting gig after school, and Wednesday night activities start up at our church tonight, so I'm not sure how the day will unfold. Might just be a 'pop-in' day!
27/Aug/15 12:23 AM
Better venue than the school gym.
27/Aug/15 12:30 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if not may it be on the improve soon.
27/Aug/15 12:38 AM
Oh, I'm glad Wombat ammended his puzzle. I was going trying to figure it out!
27/Aug/15 1:09 AM
Speaking of puzzles.....forgive me for the numbers, but give this a try:

I am compiling the new Sudokuland world almanac and it now contains lots more pages.
I know that it takes 333 digits to print the page numbers in sequence. How many numbered pages does the book have and how many More...
27/Aug/15 1:13 AM
Nice to see Phantom back at it again.
27/Aug/15 1:17 AM
Another horrific and senseless shooting here. A newswoman and camera man were gunned down while doing an interview on TV. I'm sure there will be much hand wringing and spouting of platitudes. Then, as usual, nothing will be done about ineffective gun laws. If nothing was done after 26 kids and More...
27/Aug/15 1:27 AM

It's cold and rainy here today when it's supposed to still be hot or at least shorts weather. I don't like have to put on long pants and a sweater in August in Summer! Yes, I'm complaining about unseasonably cold weather.
27/Aug/15 1:57 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
27/Aug/15 1:58 AM
The gun manufacturer fueled NRA effectively blocks any attempt at US gun safety, so we continue to lose citizens to each other at an alarming rate.
27/Aug/15 2:08 AM
I agree with you , Kathy.Having no gun laws is senseless. So sad to see these young people gunned down like this.
27/Aug/15 2:14 AM
Blaming a gun for crime is like blaming a fork for Rosie O’Donnell being FAT!

PEOPLE are the problem.
27/Aug/15 2:27 AM
And One more..........

Subject: Testing my stuff

Today I swung my front door wide open and placed my shotgun right in the
doorway. I gave it 6 shells, and noticing that it had no legs, even placed
it in my wheelchair to help it get around. I then left it alone and More...
27/Aug/15 2:28 AM
Yeah, I know, I'm in the 1% on this site, and my post(s) will probably be reported as 'abusive' and removed, but I do have the right, like others, to express my view.
27/Aug/15 2:31 AM
So sad, DoA, and so predictable.
27/Aug/15 2:34 AM
Going for it.
27/Aug/15 2:34 AM
One more.
27/Aug/15 2:35 AM
27/Aug/15 2:35 AM
Yes, it was a senseless killing, BUT, the gun didn't pull it's own trigger.
27/Aug/15 2:35 AM
A Parting piece so some can feel superior.

If guns kill people, then…..

-pencils miss spel words.
-cars make people drive drunk.
-spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat.
27/Aug/15 2:38 AM
Good morn...uh....still morning people of the world.
27/Aug/15 2:44 AM
Going to agree that what happened, again today, was a horrific tragedy, but it was not the guns fault. I personally have several guns in my possession and not one of has ever killed another human being.
27/Aug/15 2:47 AM
Now there is a gun in the family that was fired and the bullet did hit another person, but it was a learning lesson gone wrong. Thankfully no death, but father did not want tell his wife. But again, it was not the guns fault.
27/Aug/15 2:50 AM
Um ... you both do know, don't you, how obvious it is that ''it's not the gun's fault'' is a false argument designed to confuse. All gun safety laws are attempts to control behavior, not the guns themselves.
27/Aug/15 3:06 AM
There are already laws against murder.
27/Aug/15 4:47 AM
When you hit your finger with a hammer, is it the hammers fault OR yours, for hitting the finger instead of the nail?
27/Aug/15 4:50 AM
Should we outlaw hammers, because 'they' cause bodily injury?
27/Aug/15 4:51 AM
Laws don't do much to control the behavior of those intent on breaking them. The only thing laws can really do is set punishments.
27/Aug/15 4:52 AM
....and laws are only as good as those who 'are supposed' to enforce them -> back to the essence of people.........
27/Aug/15 5:11 AM
So true, Joyce.
27/Aug/15 5:25 AM
Gun control is not control over guns, it's to control access to people! Letting people with mental problem have guns is knowing that tragedy will happen, letting people with a history of violence have guns is knowing you let tragedy happen. We don't need to hunt to eat. If we want to shoot an animal, let it be with a camera.
27/Aug/15 5:33 AM
Besides how many times do you need to shoot to kill? Repeating rifles should be outlawed, not even manufactured!
27/Aug/15 5:37 AM
We've killed enough animals already by taking their habitat away. Exterminating them because they're pests. Cementing over grasslands, chopping down forests. Really we're killing ourselves.
27/Aug/15 5:39 AM
Now to change the subject for a lighter one . . . getting close to the bottom of the page. I dedicate this turnover to Karen and HalT since they're not here to enjoy doing it themselves!
27/Aug/15 5:40 AM
Getting closer . . .
27/Aug/15 5:41 AM
27/Aug/15 5:41 AM
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