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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Maybe I'm first?
29/Mar/16 12:16 AM
29/Mar/16 12:17 AM
Well, I've hit all the pages and I'm still here all by myself.
29/Mar/16 12:24 AM
Guess it wasn't much of an achievement being first today.
29/Mar/16 12:26 AM
I'm waiting for the chimney sweep to arrive. Do you think he'll sing like Dick Van Dyke?
29/Mar/16 12:28 AM
Shiela, and all.
29/Mar/16 12:29 AM
Good morning.
29/Mar/16 12:57 AM
Hi Shiela and HalT. and any who follow.
29/Mar/16 12:58 AM
It's Easter Monday for you statesiders, but if memory serves correct, you don't get a holiday for it - so where is everybody?
29/Mar/16 1:00 AM
And it's back to usual here, so I know where everyone is - in bed, asleep. if they have any sense. Or working, like Lizzy.
29/Mar/16 1:03 AM
I have several things to do today - eye test, make several important phone calls and go to hydrotherapy, then probably a movie with Mr P later in the afternoon.
29/Mar/16 1:06 AM
Soggy here again on this Easter Monday. Hope everyone had a great Easter!
29/Mar/16 1:17 AM
Happy Monday, although rainy which is dearly needed in Droughtland California!
29/Mar/16 2:07 AM
a beautiful cool day in OK
29/Mar/16 2:22 AM
Had to change, still had Easter.
29/Mar/16 2:24 AM
29/Mar/16 2:39 AM
Not sure Zoey's happy somebody knows how to knit.
29/Mar/16 2:47 AM
Kind of tired of waiting for somebody to get me close enough ...
29/Mar/16 2:48 AM
and then not getting back in time.
29/Mar/16 2:48 AM
So I'll be that somebody today.
29/Mar/16 2:49 AM
29/Mar/16 2:49 AM
29/Mar/16 2:49 AM
Yay, Keith!
29/Mar/16 2:58 AM
Time for me to head back to bed. Good night!
29/Mar/16 3:00 AM
Morning all, hello Zoey.
CP went back to bed when I woke up, have force myself to stay in bed till 4am.
29/Mar/16 4:10 AM
Zoey looks very happy, in her pretty sweater. Very cute too!
29/Mar/16 5:01 AM
Zoey is by now an old dog, not a new puppy.
29/Mar/16 6:50 AM
Morning all..
29/Mar/16 8:11 AM
My Zoey is 5 1/2 years old.
I still call her and her sister 'the puppies'...
29/Mar/16 8:21 AM
I named the dog I got as a little kid Puplup. Called her that until she died of old age.
29/Mar/16 8:30 AM
29/Mar/16 12:10 PM
1:44 Good morning one and all!
29/Mar/16 12:57 PM
1:23, but should have been quicker. Good night all.
29/Mar/16 10:37 PM
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