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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone.
28/Mar/16 12:00 AM
I just noticed the time so I thought I'd try for FPOTD before I head off to the land of nod. I need to be up for a long run in around 6 1/2 hours so I'd better get a move on! Good night all.
28/Mar/16 12:01 AM
1:30 Good night one and all!
28/Mar/16 12:08 AM
Hooray everyone!

['Hooray!' was frequently used in Queensland as a greeting while I was there - but perhaps it was specially said to me because my name is 'Ray']
28/Mar/16 12:43 AM
28/Mar/16 12:58 AM
Good morning & Happy Easter to us top-siders!
28/Mar/16 12:58 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon....
28/Mar/16 1:11 AM
28/Mar/16 1:28 AM
Who the heck is Ray?
28/Mar/16 1:41 AM
I thought I'd put up a post saying I'd claimed #8 for shosho and had gotten LPotD yesterday at 5:19 PM ... but it apparently disappeared into the ether.
28/Mar/16 1:44 AM
Good morning, everyone!
28/Mar/16 1:55 AM
Happy Easter!
28/Mar/16 1:58 AM
Good morning.
28/Mar/16 2:13 AM
And Happy Easter to those celebrating today.
28/Mar/16 2:14 AM
Had a bit of a chocolate feast last night - yum!
28/Mar/16 2:15 AM
And lost part of a tooth eating an Anzac biccie in the afternoon. We may have mastered the art of crisp Anzacs a bit(e) too well.
28/Mar/16 2:19 AM
Here Y'are Keith. Just about close enough to start galumping.
28/Mar/16 2:20 AM
Does he need a hand?
28/Mar/16 2:22 AM

Or is it a foot that is needed?
28/Mar/16 2:23 AM
HAPPY EASTER, to everyone celebrating today!
Supposed to warm up!
28/Mar/16 2:23 AM

Got to be careful not to gallump too far...
28/Mar/16 2:23 AM
We're breaking tradition by going to my son's for Easter this year. Yippee!
28/Mar/16 2:24 AM
(Landed and snagged for Keith!)
28/Mar/16 2:25 AM

Hope he lives close by Shiela, driving in Easter traffic is no fun

But it is nice to have someone do all the prepartion for get togethers.
28/Mar/16 2:26 AM
... forgot to come back when I should have.
28/Mar/16 3:45 AM

Better late than never Keith.....
28/Mar/16 3:55 AM
28/Mar/16 4:11 AM
Shiela you are not the only one who is breaking tradition. I am not making the big meal we usually have. Something much simpler and less time consuming.
28/Mar/16 4:15 AM
My family isn't coming until next week, so, just the two of us here. I asked hubby what he wanted for Easter dinner. Lamb? Ham? Roast beef? He wants meat loaf. He has such simple tastes. Actually, his first suggestion was tacos. He said we could start a new family tradition of Easter tacos. I nixed that.
28/Mar/16 4:25 AM
Easter Tacos - The mind boggles with the possible ingredients.






28/Mar/16 4:38 AM
28/Mar/16 4:38 AM
Thank you, Keith! Here's flying your way!
28/Mar/16 4:40 AM
Hi cute little Ella Rose, with the pretty blonde curls.
28/Mar/16 5:05 AM
28/Mar/16 5:24 AM
Keith, FWIW, your LPotD at 5:19PM is still there.
28/Mar/16 5:26 AM
That would certainly curb his enthusiasm, DoA.
28/Mar/16 5:28 AM
The guys are coming on Tuesday to put new insulation in the attic. I have just cleaned out the closet with one access (there are three). A little early, but I won't be home tomorrow and they are coming(supposedly)at the crack of dawn on Tuesday. This is the THIRD time I have cleared this More...
28/Mar/16 5:40 AM
Morning all, pretty Ella Rose with blonde hair and our Ella Scarlet has dark hair.
28/Mar/16 6:54 AM
Kathy ,I also have been clearing out stuff, my sister is coming for a week while they do work at her place. Because she is wheelchair bound she would end up in hospital if she got dust in her lungs.
28/Mar/16 7:01 AM
28/Mar/16 7:01 AM
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