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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers!!
27/Mar/16 12:00 AM
Have a great day, Lizzy.
27/Mar/16 12:01 AM
Wolf have a good one yourself. I knew I didnt have time to type the rest of my greeting if I wanted a chance to post first!!
27/Mar/16 12:03 AM
27/Mar/16 12:14 AM
1:53 Good night one and all!

Arequipa was a lovely place to visit, although there was a transport strike in the town when we were there. It was in a restaurant in Arequipa that I had roasted guinea pig for lunch.
27/Mar/16 12:52 AM
Good night to all from me also. Not often do I have the chance to post on the first page, if at all. Guinea pig Anne, you are brave!!!
27/Mar/16 12:58 AM
...or she was mighty hungry!
27/Mar/16 1:05 AM
Happy Easter weekend & good morning to all!
27/Mar/16 1:06 AM
Happy Saturday!
27/Mar/16 1:24 AM
Good Maen, good people. When we did 4-H rabbits many of our instruction booklets were for 'Rabbits and Cavies' - the cavy being the name for the guinea pig and its close relatives native to South America.
27/Mar/16 1:55 AM
Yesterday your Easter decorations reminded me of my avatar closet. Time to pull out my Resurrection Sunday avatar and give the Easter Greeting: 'He is Risen!'
27/Mar/16 2:01 AM
Starr tells me to treat my symptoms with tea made of turmeric, ginger, honey and lemon and also to drink kambucha.

I wont get anything done today if I sip honey lemon whiskey as I did last night, though it did soothe my throat a little (I'm such a lightweight it was less than a shot of alcohol).

I'm opting for her daytime turmeric tea option.
27/Mar/16 2:09 AM
I'll help the comment count 'spring forward' so Keith can put an egg in basket number 22.
27/Mar/16 2:12 AM

Get well soon Plum, if you would like a few extra pounds I have a few to spare
27/Mar/16 2:27 AM
a beautiful day in OK
27/Mar/16 2:31 AM
I do hope the winds are not as strong today as they have been the last 2 weeks. My allergies are on over drive. I would like to breath again.
27/Mar/16 2:37 AM
Waiting on brunch to finish cooking, having strata again, it is one of the favorites here. I make it in ramekins each none is a serving.
27/Mar/16 2:41 AM
It's time for brunch
27/Mar/16 2:42 AM
27/Mar/16 2:42 AM

Good morning.
27/Mar/16 3:12 AM
Happy Easter to all.
27/Mar/16 3:12 AM
27/Mar/16 3:13 AM
It was my turn, Keith.
27/Mar/16 3:14 AM
Another quiet day planned. One lot of family have returned yo Sydney, the other 2 lots have plans for the day.
27/Mar/16 3:16 AM
Happy Easter!
27/Mar/16 3:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/Mar/16 3:36 AM
Slept in. I'll try for our Easter, tomorrow.
27/Mar/16 3:41 AM
The other day I posted the dying off of our fish and the plan to send the remaining 6 off to MIL's. Today, I report that the 6 is now 4, but we have babies. We really cannot find any reason why our fish are dying off, so the plan is to start over. But it is going to be at a later time. Would like More...
27/Mar/16 3:41 AM
Sue sounds like me, whatever is blowing in has me blowing out...a lot. Man and every other house around here is not helping matters with the weekend mow-a-thon going on. But the days are bright and beautiful. Just wish I could see it.
27/Mar/16 3:43 AM
What an extreme to have folks needing to mow their lawns in March; we're lucky to have grass becoming green!
27/Mar/16 3:45 AM
Yesterday the strangest thing happened. One girl had a friend sleep over, which from the other girl we heard how unfair life is and that her sister gets to do everything. So, being the good mother, I called a friend and offered to take her child away from her. She really would not notice another More...
27/Mar/16 3:46 AM
Not sure where Flower City is located, though I do recall it being discussed at one time, but we did not have a Winter at all. And we have been mowing for about a month or more now. And because we really did not have a Winter the bugs are taking over. Have not been invaded by sketters yet, but there are bugs galore flying around.
27/Mar/16 3:50 AM
Dog sitting while son camping. Dog keeps letting out HUGE sighs. I am happy she has stopped snoring!
27/Mar/16 3:50 AM
Now I have a decision to make. Do I keep chatting or go get my 6 year old? For some reason she is sitting in the middle of the road. She is short enough standing and cannot be seen by vehicles, she is even smaller sitting in the middle of the road.
27/Mar/16 3:51 AM
Fish tales: we were given a beta and went through a series of companion creatures. The beta outlived various fish and a snail. We finally bought a dozen painted glass fish. We were actually given 13. Within a week the beta was gone. After two weeks we were down to one fish. That fish hid behind the More...
27/Mar/16 4:03 AM
Karen must've gone to rescue her child. It is not like her to leave us at the bottom of the page.
27/Mar/16 4:09 AM
Guess I'll have to do her job.
27/Mar/16 4:09 AM
Almost there
27/Mar/16 4:10 AM
It depends, Karen...
How busy is the traffic past your house?
Do you want to nip a bad habit in the bud?
Do you want her to be adventurous - to a fault?
Do you want to see her again?
Yes, lots of things to consider while you are getting her out of the middle of the road.
27/Mar/16 4:10 AM
27/Mar/16 4:10 AM
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