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Easy Sudoku for 29/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
dietician — undertaker
And here's today's factoid:
In a 1917 letter to Winston Churchill, Admiral John Fisher used the phrase 'O.M.G.'
29/Apr/14 12:00 AM
29/Apr/14 12:00 AM
from Orlando, where summer has arrived!
29/Apr/14 12:01 AM
A Thought For The Day:

How do you tell when you run out of invisible ink?
29/Apr/14 12:02 AM
I'm back!
29/Apr/14 12:07 AM

You enter a strange contest in which you pay one penny to start a clock. The clock always starts at noon, and once it starts, your money will begin doubling every minute. You can stop the clock whenever you want and take your money out. More...
29/Apr/14 12:08 AM
Pictures and lots of boring details that you pretend you interested in will be coming soon. In the meantime I have catch up laundry and other stuff to do.
29/Apr/14 12:12 AM
Answers to the ‘Not Many People Around Here’ puzzle:

1. sprint and print
2. driver and river
3. brain and rain
4. (Stewart) Granger and Ranger
5. patent and paten
6. pusher and Usher
7. flocks and locks
8. (Larry) Niven and Nive (River)
9. abase and base
10. Heart More...
29/Apr/14 12:13 AM
My bad. I forgot to say Good morning to all!
29/Apr/14 12:14 AM
Good News! They going to fix our sewer system while we are gone! We discovered a break in the line between our house & the first septic tank on Friday. Our neighbor's cat who we were taking care of the last few days has been thrilled to have us stay with him while his 'parents' were gone. It's great to have such nice neighbors!
29/Apr/14 12:31 AM
Greg... So did I - Good morning everyone!
By the way - it is lots of fun to pack while going between two houses and only found out this morning that they could fix it while we were gone. We thought we'd have to wait until we returned. Found that sometimes it's just easier to buy new underwear than to try to figure out doing laundry in a house with no place for the water to go.
29/Apr/14 12:37 AM
29/Apr/14 1:32 AM
Oh dear, Shiela, hopefully everything is fixed up by the time you come home! Right now I'm waiting for the plumbers to come and finish repiping my home! The supervisor said it should be done by today, barring any complications. We've gone through three days without any problems so it looks good that the last day will be fine, too!
29/Apr/14 1:34 AM
Oh, oh, oh, sorry I meant to dedicate that last post to Queen Anne! Do excuse me, dear lady.
29/Apr/14 1:35 AM
CG hit my fav number post so I'll send some flying his way!
29/Apr/14 1:36 AM
Good morning everybody (we're being so formal today) ... except those not celebrating morning at this particular time, in which case Good mAEN--take your pick.
29/Apr/14 1:39 AM
A song popped into my head, this morning, that brought back happy memories. Back in the day, when radios in cars were for rich folks, our family, led by Dad sang to entertain ourselves while on roadtrips. I'm sure those of a 'certain age' will remember doing the same. You 'youngsters' don't know More...
29/Apr/14 2:52 AM
29/Apr/14 5:14 AM
SoF, We did not even have a car until I was 18. I do remember singing all the old songs on bus trips or in other peoples cars. That song was not one I remember singing. I do not remember it being on one of the old 78 records that we played on the wind up gramophone either. (I was 8 before we had the electricity connected)
29/Apr/14 6:39 AM
Where is everyone?
29/Apr/14 6:49 AM
I am just home from a sleep study.
29/Apr/14 6:50 AM
Morning all, that is a sturdy looking barn.
Sentimental'ol F@rt, that must have been your Dad's favorite as my Dad used to sing 'Don't Fence Me In'.
29/Apr/14 7:01 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
29/Apr/14 7:07 AM
Hope all our Sudoku family in the US are safe. Those tornadoes are terrifying!
29/Apr/14 7:15 AM
Meant to grab 22 but got called away to eat breakfast with Mr P.
29/Apr/14 7:43 AM
Haven't been here in forever! Thankfully the bad weather hasn't made it to northern Ohio yet, and it looks as though we're only in for rain in the foreseeable future. Hope everyone else is ok.
29/Apr/14 7:45 AM
A voice from the past. Hi Karen. Nice to see you dropping in for a visit.
29/Apr/14 9:05 AM
I'm leaving for Ocala, Florida, tonight, as soon as the storms have crossed the path I'm taking. If all goes well, I may return home on Friday.
29/Apr/14 10:53 AM
1:46 Good morning one and all!
29/Apr/14 11:14 AM
Wow. All the way to 30. And in 12+ hours!!
29/Apr/14 11:45 AM
Uh, 12- hours.
29/Apr/14 11:48 AM

How about this, Hal? <12hrs
29/Apr/14 12:10 PM

But now it is 32 in >12hrs.
29/Apr/14 12:11 PM
Picky, Peter. Very picky.

But I suppose you're right.
29/Apr/14 12:22 PM
But now I've been awake for >15hrs, so it's time for me to get some shut-eye.
Over to you, Peter. It's all yours.
29/Apr/14 1:20 PM

Mate it was just an alternative.

Sleep well.
29/Apr/14 1:25 PM
Hi everyone,
Wow, I never thought we would still be on page 1 at nearly 2pm. Everyone must have a life and be living it away from site.
Winter is coming to Brisbane on the weekend - so the bureau says. Up until Sunday the weather was perfect...sunny days, cool nights, low humidity. I suppose all good things must eventually come to an end.
29/Apr/14 2:00 PM

A quiet day indeed.

Winter in QLD. Hmmmmmmmmm Easy Peasy.

29/Apr/14 2:05 PM
all! And how exciting to have Mr Cee posting!
29/Apr/14 2:32 PM
Guess I need to join the contest for turning the page...
29/Apr/14 2:34 PM
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