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Easy Sudoku for 28/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Apr/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand.
28/Apr/14 12:01 AM
28/Apr/14 12:02 AM
can someone put me out of my misery (and no, not with a gun or similar!) and tell me where that throne/chair came from?
28/Apr/14 12:30 AM
Good morning to all! Looks like an uncomfortable chair to sit in as it doesn't recline!
28/Apr/14 12:34 AM
Answers to the ‘Say Hello on Easy’ puzzle:

1. skimp and skim
2. pastel and paste
3. Lindt and (Johanna) Lind
4. (buffalo) chips and hips
5. David (Carradine) and avid
6. with and wit
7. France and Rance (Howard)
8. amend and Mend
9. (Erykah) Badu and bad
10. Spill More...
28/Apr/14 12:35 AM
Okay, a short one for your Sunday/Monday puzzle:

1. A short spell of running at full speed for a short distance –> a photographic or motion-picture copy
2. The lowest-lofted, longest and usually lightest golf club in a player’s bag –> the Nile, Amazon and Yangtze are the three More...
28/Apr/14 12:37 AM
An absolutely gorgeous day here! I will be working out in the yard in awhile, but first I have to ponder Greg's puzzle.
On goes the thinking cap.....
28/Apr/14 12:47 AM
I enjoy your puzzles Greg, but at the moment I do not sit in the one place long enough to do them.
Sorry Liz, I do not know where that chair comes from.
28/Apr/14 12:48 AM
Bingo Lizzy!! It is Napoleon's Throne and is in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Thanks google.
Enjoy the rest of your night. I hope you will not have too many calls.
28/Apr/14 12:59 AM
June, I can rest easy now, it was really bugging me that I couldnt find it.

Sunday night is always a good night at work, most people in bed early and its my Friday!!!
28/Apr/14 1:11 AM
It looks too big for him.
28/Apr/14 1:20 AM
''Napoleon was often described as being short in stature. In actual fact, the height of five foot two recorded on his death was in French units, which were equivalent in today's measurement to five foot, six and a half inches or 169 centimetres – an average height.''

I suppose they mean an average height at the time. I don't think 5'6'' is average height now?
28/Apr/14 1:29 AM
Today's jigsaw fits fine and is fun to do.
28/Apr/14 1:37 AM
Since I have
28/Apr/14 1:45 AM
a new # 22
28/Apr/14 1:45 AM
to show off,
28/Apr/14 1:45 AM
I'm going to make
28/Apr/14 1:45 AM
a long run for it
28/Apr/14 1:46 AM
to make sure I get the chance
28/Apr/14 1:46 AM
to show it off.
28/Apr/14 1:46 AM
28/Apr/14 1:46 AM
That chair doesn't look overly comfortable for lounging around in. I prefer some head support.
28/Apr/14 2:07 AM
I'm gonna be driving down to Ocala, Florida sometime in the next 3 days. I'm taking a mare down there to be bred. I plan on staying there until the job is done, then bringing her back home.
28/Apr/14 2:14 AM
28/Apr/14 2:17 AM
Well, I hope the both of you come back happy, you with the prospect of a new baby horse to your fascinating collection of pets and her . . . well . . . you know!
28/Apr/14 2:18 AM
nice new #22 Keith

with the mare Heidi, hope it all goes to plan.
28/Apr/14 2:28 AM
Uh, Heidi ... how does one know when the 'job is done'? Does she have a silly grin on her face and offer to make breakfast?
28/Apr/14 2:42 AM
Uh, Judy... it's when they have a cigarette.
28/Apr/14 3:30 AM
Don't they have Early Pregnancy Test kits for horses? What a shame!
28/Apr/14 4:15 AM
Shosho alerted me to the <322 picture on FB. It took some tricky transfer and re-sizing work, but I made it happen. Thx shosho.
28/Apr/14 4:41 AM
Yes, there are tests to check for pregnancy within a few days. But if everything goes as planned, there shouldn't be a problem. The equine Vet has been coming here every few days to do ultrasounds to try to pinpoint the exact day to breed her. She's getting close, and the ultrasound tomorrow More...
28/Apr/14 4:57 AM
How LUCKY, Heidi!!! Oooh, I'd love to join you in that venture!!!
28/Apr/14 5:26 AM
It'll just be the 3 of us this time.... myself, the mare, and one of the collies. Angel loves riding in the RV, is good company and good protection.
28/Apr/14 6:15 AM
28/Apr/14 6:42 AM
CP thanks for your 4T - I've been living with those for years! Now it all makes sense!
28/Apr/14 6:46 AM
Love the new 22 Keith!
28/Apr/14 6:52 AM
Haven't been here for a while...
28/Apr/14 6:53 AM
So, like Keith, will make a run for it...
28/Apr/14 6:53 AM
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!
28/Apr/14 6:53 AM
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