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Easy Sudoku for 27/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

Half the people you know are below average.
27/Apr/14 12:03 AM
27/Apr/14 12:10 AM

Im hardly game enough to ask about the other half Doug.....
27/Apr/14 12:11 AM
Good morning to all! A wet a soggy day here in Ottawa.
27/Apr/14 12:12 AM
Doug, I do hope I'm not part of that half... but some days in some places I certainly feel like it.
27/Apr/14 12:13 AM
A Saturday/Sunday puzzle for those who care to indulge:

1. When you spend less money in an attempt to economize –> look over or read something very quickly
2. A type of chalk that comes in multiple colours and is used for drawing –> a thick adhesive material used when applying More...
27/Apr/14 12:16 AM
Yesterday evening, Hail came down for about 15 minutes. 1/8 - 1/4'... I was walking the hound and was nearly a half mile from the house. Sun had been shining so I wasn't wearing a coat and just had a ball cap. Those pellets hurt when they hit the top of your ears and the back of your hands. More...
27/Apr/14 12:47 AM
I have returned from Texas and am somewhat organized after spending yesterday washing a pile of laundry. The dryer was broken at my son's house, so I couldn't keep up with laundry there. Hubby frequently chides me about my More...
27/Apr/14 12:51 AM
''Chillin' ''
27/Apr/14 12:56 AM
Heading out in about an hour to visit a bird sanctuary for the day.
27/Apr/14 1:29 AM
Maen, Sudoku lovers.
27/Apr/14 1:54 AM
'Birds of a feather ...' eh, Keith?
27/Apr/14 1:57 AM
Everybody. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It's sunny but cool here today. Probably the same up Shiela's way in MI. This follows a very rainy and chilly Friday. But at least we didn't have any hail like DoA had. Ouch!
27/Apr/14 3:28 AM
How very quiet it is here. I 'looked in' about 1 am and there has only been about 4 posts since.
Welcome back Kathy. What fun to be able to spend time with a 17 month old. I do hope you have now finished the laundry. If you were here you could hang it outside on the line and would not need a dryer.
27/Apr/14 4:42 AM
Good morning everyone. You still not sleeping, June. Have you had the cortisone yet?
27/Apr/14 6:40 AM
DoA - I'll bet that gave you an aerobic walk home. How did the hound cope?
27/Apr/14 6:42 AM
Hello everyone!
Sacky, I think the cortisone day is Wednesday!
My question, too Sacky - so how's the hound DoA, did he/she have a rub down & treat for the trauma too, or may you bent over & protected the hound?!!!!
27/Apr/14 7:15 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
27/Apr/14 7:18 AM
Time to get a move on - first to get son #1 to work (he starts a 8:00) then ride 15km to the gym, have a light workout, then ride home again (much more slowly than on the way there!) Once I'm back, should be around 10:00, it'll be time to get started ripping things out of the vegie garden and More...
27/Apr/14 7:35 AM
Good morning.
27/Apr/14 7:55 AM
Quiet here. Oh K-e-i-t-h!!!!!
27/Apr/14 7:55 AM
Oh I got it any way.
27/Apr/14 7:56 AM
22 is a favorite number of mine too.
27/Apr/14 7:57 AM
Wedding date, and 4T's birthdate.
27/Apr/14 7:57 AM
Happy Anniversary, CP. Is hubby in town so you two can do something special today? I hope so, but know he travels a lot.
27/Apr/14 8:15 AM
Chris I'm hoping to get garlic and broad beans planted this week. We're going to revamp our veggie patch this winter. The plan is to do beds 1 railway sleeper (untreated of course) wide and about 4 long. We have very heavy clay, which compacts quickly, so this way I can have almost no dig beds and can pick everything without walking over the garden.
27/Apr/14 8:26 AM
The biggest problem I have is keeping hubby home long enough to get it done. He's gone fishing again this weekend and won't be back til Tuesday. Trying to catch a trout before the season ends next week.
27/Apr/14 8:28 AM
Morning all,someone on holiday.
We had a sudden torrential downpour just after I had got up at 5:30, it was deafening even to me.
27/Apr/14 8:50 AM
All dry here Amelia. We have not had rain for a couple of weeks, even Anzac day when it poured with rain in the city.
Cortisone day is Tuesday morning and I start Physio the Friday.
Happy Anniversary CP. Hope you have a nice day planned.
Love all you vegie growers. All I have is those self More...
27/Apr/14 9:21 AM
Frommy loved the little Joys website! Thank you! Am determined to find a little joy every day.
27/Apr/14 9:35 AM
Happy wedding anniversary CP! Does that make 4T 41T?
27/Apr/14 9:45 AM
Chris I am exhausted just reading your plans for the day! Oh for all that energy!
27/Apr/14 9:45 AM
Sacky & Kate, when it first started to hail I found a tree to get under. It wasn't perfect, but better than nothing. The hound joined me off and on then went right back out in it, while giving me a look like you wuss. The walk probably wouldn't qualify as aerobic. I was home, just at the far end of More...
27/Apr/14 9:59 AM
You made me laugh DoA. Hubby's mother is also obsessed and likes to chew ice! Can be a bit embarrassing when editing out. She demands , not asks, for ice in her drinks, then pounds it with a straw before using any utensil, clean or dirty, to fish it out and crunch it!
27/Apr/14 10:28 AM
At the risk of being ridiculed for retiring early I shall, none the less, call it a day.
Night all.
27/Apr/14 12:31 PM
27/Apr/14 12:35 PM
I spent half the day with my 5th grade math team at the Los Angeles County competition. We had both our 4th and 5th grade teams there. The 4th graders got two bronze medals and the 5th graders got one silver medal, all in conceptual part of the competition.
27/Apr/14 12:38 PM
Hmmm soooo close to the mark
27/Apr/14 12:39 PM
I like sneaking in here . . .
27/Apr/14 12:39 PM
27/Apr/14 12:39 PM
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