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Easy Sudoku for 3/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
03/Apr/16 12:08 AM
The first and probably the last time I grab the first post
03/Apr/16 12:08 AM
Good night - it's bed time for me.
03/Apr/16 12:09 AM
I slept in but assume Daylight Saving Time started in NSW and elsewhere.
03/Apr/16 12:17 AM
Clocks go back one hour in 2 1/2 hours from now in Oz states that have day light saving.
03/Apr/16 12:33 AM
so I have an extra hour to work tonight... not like most people who get an extra hours sleep
03/Apr/16 12:41 AM
03/Apr/16 12:56 AM
to whoever has posted these Dolly Sods pictures for the puzzles of late....Ive never heard of the place and it looks so interesting....
03/Apr/16 1:00 AM
Sorry Sacky, Wolf and Halt, my manners have deserted me........
03/Apr/16 1:07 AM
Have you ever wondered

How cats land on their feet?

This explains it...

03/Apr/16 1:48 AM

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to do a little googling.....

''The Dolly Sods Wilderness — originally simply Dolly Sods — is a U.S. Wilderness Area in the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia, USA, and is More...
03/Apr/16 1:54 AM
I was greeted this morning with a free upgrade to Windows 10. I ''declined''. Up popped another invitation. I ''declined'' My screen went black. I waited. It stayed black. I waited. Up came a question about not installing Windows 10. I answered. My screen went black. I waited. Up came the More...
03/Apr/16 2:06 AM
Thx, Kathy. I was wondering about all of that.
03/Apr/16 2:08 AM
Happy Saturday weekend off! (don't know what happened to my earlier greeting)
03/Apr/16 2:08 AM
Um ... the Dolly Sods info, not the Windows 10 garbage. I, too, am repeatedly refusing to download Windows 10. I've yet to encounter the dreaded black screen. Glad you lived through it.
03/Apr/16 2:11 AM
& Hi Aileen, as well as DoA, Lizzy, Hal, Wolf, and Sacky, as well as all to come.
03/Apr/16 2:13 AM
And it seems like I've worked myself barely close enough to go for it.
03/Apr/16 2:14 AM
If your name's on the list, you're welcome to tag along.
03/Apr/16 2:15 AM
But I'm not going to wait,
03/Apr/16 2:15 AM
because if I do, Karen might show up.
03/Apr/16 2:16 AM
& who knows what would happen then.
03/Apr/16 2:16 AM
03/Apr/16 2:16 AM
Y'all can come out now.
03/Apr/16 2:27 AM
Well I would have joined in, Keith, if I'd read faster or not stopped to contemplate the aggravation Kathy went through ...and survived to tell about!
03/Apr/16 2:40 AM
And now, good morning to Sacky off sleeping, Wolf, Lizzy having to work an extra hour, Hal, DoA, Kathy who is quick to satisfy our curiosity, and the gallumper who didn't even need to gallump today
03/Apr/16 2:45 AM
...and l who arrive later on......... have a good day!
03/Apr/16 2:46 AM
or all who arrive later on
03/Apr/16 2:46 AM
Good morning.
03/Apr/16 2:50 AM
Cool video DoA - thanks!
03/Apr/16 2:50 AM
I am 10 minutes early for the DST switch back.
03/Apr/16 2:51 AM
Set my watch back before going to sleep, but not the bedroom clock.
03/Apr/16 2:53 AM
i am feeling a bit discombobulated - try spelling that this time of day!
03/Apr/16 2:54 AM
I'll hang around, lurking not posting to see what happens at 0300.
03/Apr/16 2:56 AM
Hopefully there won't be a mass Windows 10.0 offer.
03/Apr/16 2:57 AM
03/Apr/16 2:02 AM
03/Apr/16 2:02 AM
We're now back on EST.
03/Apr/16 2:03 AM
Don't know what that means for those east of us - I'm sure you'll tell us.
03/Apr/16 2:04 AM
Now, off to read emails.
03/Apr/16 2:05 AM
Did you really leave this for somebody else?
03/Apr/16 2:26 AM
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