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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning Sunday.
30/Nov/14 12:00 AM
Great photo. Three gorgeous puppies
30/Nov/14 12:01 AM
Can I have the middle one !
30/Nov/14 12:21 AM
Off day today - so just visiting my blog sites.
enjoy your day ! This week I have to musicals to see - Camelot and Mary Poppins - both on the same day ! What will I be singing ! I really love the song - Feed the Birds

Which I think will be one of my errands today

30/Nov/14 12:27 AM
Cute little trio.
30/Nov/14 1:00 AM
Weekend Rebus Poozle! Decipher the 10 rebuses below; answer to my 'Return of the Rebus' inbox.

3,4 blame

just →


do out


I fell
I fell
I fell
I fell
I fell
I fell
30/Nov/14 1:15 AM

1) nap + kin = napkin
2) he + art = heart; oil + man = oilman
3) asp + halt = asphalt
4) fig + urine = figurine

In the today we have Kathy, Judy, and Sarah (2/4). I'm More...
30/Nov/14 1:15 AM
Two days late, but its still Thanksgiving weekend.
30/Nov/14 1:21 AM

30/Nov/14 2:01 AM
There's still a spot in my heart for cute and fuzzy.
30/Nov/14 2:10 AM
30/Nov/14 2:59 AM
30/Nov/14 3:20 AM
There is ALWAYS at least one of Silvergal's rebuses that I get hung up on. Today is no exception!
Maybe after lunch I'll have an ''AHA!'' moment......
30/Nov/14 3:52 AM
Three cute little pups!
30/Nov/14 3:59 AM
I'm gonna need 2 of those ''AHA!'' moments.
30/Nov/14 5:36 AM
I did a little research and found out that I share my birthday with C. S. Lewis. For some reason that makes me happy. Maybe I need to get a life.
30/Nov/14 5:42 AM
30/Nov/14 6:15 AM
30/Nov/14 7:05 AM
Morning all,three balls of fluff ,so cute.
Enjoy your birthday Serena.
30/Nov/14 7:22 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
30/Nov/14 7:32 AM

Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend, Serena!
30/Nov/14 7:32 AM
Good morning everyone.
30/Nov/14 7:43 AM
Is any one else getting the spam Windows message telling me my Registry is damaged and needs to be repaired? It's been there most days for the last week. I know it's spam because I don't use Windows!
30/Nov/14 7:46 AM
Have not received that one, Sacky, but can confirm that there are a number of faux Windows repair scams out there, including phone calls. Silverteen answered an incoming, recognized it as a scam, and tried to get into knock-knock jokes with the caller. Caller had a thick foreign accent, was totally confused, and finally said 'You have a good day' before hanging up.
30/Nov/14 8:12 AM
We get the phone ones regularly. If i've got time I spin them out and then tell them to earn an honest living. I've even clanged pot lids to give them a shake up. But i've never had the popups on the computer before. Refreshing the page is the only way to get rid of it. The cross on the top activates it. I only get it on this site.
30/Nov/14 9:21 AM
I've put a pic of Hal, Jane and myself, on my page, before our epic trek across the city, through dark streets on our way to one of the nicest meals I had on my US odyssey. Its a good thing it wasn't taken after.
30/Nov/14 9:41 AM
I also had the most wonderful experience yesterday. I had a phone call to go and see if some birds were ok. I was so excited with what I found - a family of Tawny Frogmouths on their daytime roosts. These birds are a master of camouflage and blend in beautifully with the tree they are sitting in. I've put a few pics of them on my page also. You have to wade through them to get to Hal!
30/Nov/14 9:45 AM
I'm going to cull a lot of the pics on my page over the next week, so if you want a look I'll leave them a few more days.
30/Nov/14 9:46 AM
Good morning. It's very rainy here. Tragic for the washing but great for the garden.I've got a new library book I'm reading - a very new release. It's calling me...
30/Nov/14 11:01 AM
I say you are the master photographer as well, Sacky - marvelous photos!
30/Nov/14 11:01 AM

Sacky, keep a whistle by the phone and give them a blast when they call.
30/Nov/14 11:17 AM
Nice pictures, Sacky. Thanks.
30/Nov/14 11:24 AM
On our land line, our answering machine is always on. Our message says, ''Tell us your name. We'll pick up if we're home.'' That way, if we don't want to talk to whoever's called, we let them leave a message. We never have to argue with advertisers.
30/Nov/14 11:58 AM
For anoying pop-ups try tools>pop-up blocker, or tools>internet options>delete>delete.
For annoying phone calls:
1)Get on the do-not-call list.
2)Say, 'I'll be right back', then just leave the phone down on the table.
3) Just hang up.
30/Nov/14 12:34 PM
I like that Keith. We have a do not call register which filters the commercial from the charity and cranks. Its the constant charity calls that wear me down. I could change our message to yours, because at the moment I won't pick up until someone leaves a message.
30/Nov/14 12:36 PM
Thanks DotCom I'll try that. Peter I used a whistle on a repeating crank sex caller. That fixed him, but I don't own a whistle at the moment, but may have to get one!
30/Nov/14 12:38 PM
I kept a whistle near the phone a few years ago, but never had to use it.

Got a sex call once, but she was so nice I didn't want to make her feel bad.
30/Nov/14 12:57 PM
I think it was Judy.
30/Nov/14 12:58 PM
But now...
30/Nov/14 12:58 PM
It's time to change the page.
30/Nov/14 12:59 PM
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