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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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, y'all! Usually I'm not the first 1-2 to comment....Turkey hangovers?
29/Nov/14 12:56 AM
That is definitely no turkey.
29/Nov/14 12:59 AM
Karen, I've heard of setting an extra place in someone's memory or for the Lord's presence.
29/Nov/14 1:18 AM
29/Nov/14 1:28 AM
to Serena!! Hope your day is all that you want it to be....
29/Nov/14 1:46 AM
Good morning to all! Is that the real Ethan Hawke?
29/Nov/14 2:05 AM
29/Nov/14 2:07 AM
Not sunny today.
Supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow!
A bit slow today. A 'Black Friday' thing, maybe?
29/Nov/14 2:14 AM
Black Friday is not my 'cup of tea'... No thing is worth that much to me!
29/Nov/14 2:17 AM
29/Nov/14 2:36 AM

I'm with you, Shiela. Nothing could get me into the stores today.
I am, however, starting the yearly turkey soup making process. Smells wonderful in the house!
29/Nov/14 2:36 AM
After the last guest left at 4:40, I cleaned up the house until 12:30! At first I wanted to get rid of the turkey and ham mess so that the cats wouldn't get into them, then I thought of all the other things they could get into and finally ended up cleaning everything!!! So my home does not any evidence of a big family get together, okay not that big, just 16 people this year.
29/Nov/14 2:39 AM
On the bad note, one of my kitties is missing. Hubby and I called to her all evening when we noticed her missing. Still hasn't showed up this morning. Am going to put up lost kitty poster around neighborhood. I'm worried.
29/Nov/14 2:41 AM
i have never heard of a Birds of Prey Competition before.
29/Nov/14 2:44 AM

1) J
2) Ja
3) Jar
4) Ajar
5) Rajah
6) Jarrah

1) J
2) Jo
3) Jot
4) Jota
5) Jabot

In the toady we have Kathy, Silvergal, June, Judy, More...
29/Nov/14 2:48 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is a sleep More...
29/Nov/14 2:49 AM
Shosho, I'll give you your 'Number 8 Luck' to find your lost kitty!
I know that cats sometimes have problems with 'strangers' in the house - especially the bustle of 16 of them! Cats will think of lots of hiding places to keep away from them. Best of luck to you on your search. Hopefully she is More...
29/Nov/14 2:50 AM
We woke up to about 6'' of snow yesterday and it was snowing when I went out this morning. I am a Black Friday shopper. I go for 3 reasons.

1. It's fun for me because my Christmas shopping is usually all or mostly done by then so I feel no pressure.
2. I get to go without kids. More...
29/Nov/14 2:54 AM
shosho, I wonder if you kitty was hiding because of the crowd and will show up when he/she calms down. Good luck in your search.
29/Nov/14 2:56 AM
Here I am showing up at the right time again.
29/Nov/14 3:10 AM
Going for it.
29/Nov/14 3:10 AM
29/Nov/14 3:11 AM
And now, time to say good bye to Thanksgiving. Holiday spirit?
29/Nov/14 3:13 AM
Naw. Too soon for that. Maybe I'll be an Australian cowboy for a while.
29/Nov/14 3:16 AM
Thank you, Serena and Shiela. I was hoping that she'd be hungry for breakfast but she still hasn't showed up yet. Hubby thinks that she might have jumped a high divider and can't get up. I just hope she hasn't injured herself. Any way we're going to widen the search today.
29/Nov/14 3:24 AM
Shosho - We had a cat that had gone missing and we finally found him several days later in an maintenance building on the golf course behind our house. He had run in there for some reason - probably loud mowers - and then became frightened when the crew brought the mowers back in for the night. I More...
29/Nov/14 3:48 AM
The one in the back looks especially vicious.
29/Nov/14 3:50 AM
Yea! Found Picachu! She was outside the gate under a camellia bush!!! I brought her in and the first thing she did was to check on all the other cats. Wouldn't eat then and still won't eat. She's still checking on the state of the home!
29/Nov/14 3:53 AM
I am SOOooooooo happy for you, Shosho!
29/Nov/14 5:56 AM

I hope everyone in America enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I enjoyed mine and didn't even overeat this year! Now I'm off to run errands.
29/Nov/14 6:14 AM
Morning all,preying for a win.
So glad you found your kitty, Shosho.
29/Nov/14 6:16 AM
Happy birthday Serena ,have fun on your shopping trip.🎂🎁💝
29/Nov/14 6:19 AM
Have followed Kathy's lead and am making turkey soup. Yum!
My kitchen is finally cleaned up, too, Shosho. I didn't finish cleaning yesterday like I usually do. It's the first time I've not cleaned everything on the day of the holiday. My permanently injured ankle has made me modify my expectations.
29/Nov/14 6:39 AM
Good morning.
29/Nov/14 6:45 AM
Woke up early - for a Saturday.
29/Nov/14 6:45 AM
So I got up to make a cuppa.
29/Nov/14 6:46 AM
Mr P is still sleeping.
29/Nov/14 6:47 AM
I'll have to wait until he wakes to see if he slept through.
29/Nov/14 6:48 AM
On arriving back from Bucharest, he slept through for 4 days - no sign of jet lag.
29/Nov/14 6:49 AM
The last three, he has been awake for several hours during the night. BOTP.
29/Nov/14 6:51 AM
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