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Easy Sudoku for 6/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Sep/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen
06/Sep/12 12:00 AM
Good morning everybody. It's a lovely day here, and we finally have running water and useable commodes again. Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest luxuries!!!
06/Sep/12 12:08 AM
Lovely Samoyed in today's picture. I think. Or is it a white wolf? Whose photo is it?
06/Sep/12 12:09 AM
Another slow start to the day?
06/Sep/12 12:11 AM
Cute title for the picture.
06/Sep/12 12:12 AM
Heidi, I just todl my husband that I wanted to take water for granted again. Shallow well + low water table = uh oh.
06/Sep/12 12:13 AM
The photo reminds me of how the dogs use to howl at sirens. When I had my own dogs they seldom would howl and I would encourage them to do so - not with a lot of luck.
06/Sep/12 12:19 AM
Hello, everyone!
Won't need today - it's been foggy!
Sun has finally peeped out, but storms predicted later today.
06/Sep/12 12:22 AM
A Blessed Day/Night to all...May the sun keep shining on you regardless of how many clouds try to block your rays...Peace will rein.♥
06/Sep/12 12:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Sep/12 12:26 AM
Be Late for Something Day
06/Sep/12 12:26 AM
My Collies don't howl. The only dog here that howls is the one Collie cross I have. Her other half is Golden Retriever, and she takes after that side completely in personality.
06/Sep/12 12:27 AM
Nice to see Mymare again, but really would like to know what has kept her down for 9 weeks.
06/Sep/12 12:27 AM
I got #13 and #5!!!!
06/Sep/12 12:27 AM
Heidi, I am with you, love indoor plumbing that works.
06/Sep/12 12:28 AM
Speaking of being late for something..... I gotta go to the Vet clinic and pharmacy NOW. Byeeeee.
06/Sep/12 12:28 AM
Serena.... we have a deep well that has never gone dry, but part of the wall in it collapsed when Isaac arrived here. The well pump was pumping up thick mud instead of water.
06/Sep/12 12:31 AM
Here is another good point for this site. Last years discussion about PB&J's at school. Thing I wants to take a PB&J sandwich in her lunch, told her I need to ask first. Thank goodness I did. Last year I sent and then asked and there were no food allergies, I asked this morning and the new child is More...
06/Sep/12 12:32 AM
My cat care neighbor has a dog that howls at only one type of siren. The rest don't seem to bother him, but when that particular one goes... Aaaaaaaaoooooooooooow!
06/Sep/12 12:32 AM
Wow ...
06/Sep/12 12:32 AM
06/Sep/12 12:32 AM
06/Sep/12 12:32 AM
... just missed it.
06/Sep/12 12:33 AM
I didn't realize you were here, Keith! Sorry!
06/Sep/12 12:33 AM
Did have a rush chat with the teacher. I have an opinion about this woman. If you have not noticed. But for a teacher that has been teachcing for years, she is really not prepared for this year. I can understand the beginning of the year and learning 22 different personalities, but leasons and More...
06/Sep/12 12:37 AM

My dog (husky) always howled at sirens. And she got the other dogs in the neighborhood to join in! It would get very loud upon occasion. I asked my vet why she did that. Believe it or not, he was from Australia! He said she More...
06/Sep/12 12:37 AM
Hehehe. Did you see that Keith? Shiela just jumped right in and snatched. hehehe
06/Sep/12 12:38 AM
I feel like laughing and playing today, seems like forever since I have had that feeling. It is going to be a great day.
06/Sep/12 12:40 AM
Is the rabbit moving too fast?
06/Sep/12 12:42 AM
Great picture today.

That's the fun of the race, Shiela ... almost as good as getting it.
06/Sep/12 12:43 AM
From our traveling Iron Curtain Lady.

The ship is closing out our shipboard accounts as we will be leaving Russia on Fri. My internet bill came to over $30 for not that much time on the computer. I will never take free computer time for granted again! This will be my last post from the More...
06/Sep/12 12:46 AM
Sorry Jerry... 33
06/Sep/12 12:46 AM
Your rabbit must be late for an important date, Karen.
06/Sep/12 12:51 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. aqua-not a tree willow-not a color 2. sword-not a pet (or, animal) Hamster-not a fish (or, two syllable) 3. double-not royalty Prince-not a bed size (or, does not feature in a game of bridge)

It's that time again! Winners, Quahog, Keith, Halt, Greg, More...
06/Sep/12 12:57 AM
I have an eye exam this morning ... hope I'm not late.
06/Sep/12 12:57 AM
Uh, Kathy, did you read all your emails? I know mistakes can be made and something over looked, so I just checking.
06/Sep/12 1:04 AM
Maybe I should not have mentioned it. We are having to retrain in a certain area, and I deal with enough poop.
06/Sep/12 1:07 AM
That rabbit was going too fast for me, maybe an older clock, won't seem so fast.
06/Sep/12 1:08 AM
Bye bye page one.
06/Sep/12 1:09 AM
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