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Easy Sudoku for 8/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Where is everyone?
08/Apr/19 12:13 AM
2:01. Good Morning HalT and to all to follow. Australian time change time? Seems to be lots of support to make Daylight Savings permanent here. I wonder how Australia feels about it...
08/Apr/19 12:28 AM
Hal, Tom and all to follow!
I would be perfectly happy if it were permanent here, Tom.

08/Apr/19 12:43 AM
Not much rainbow on that bee-eater. I saw them in Australia and I remember blue, green and red color.
That sky is gorgeous though.
08/Apr/19 12:51 AM
08/Apr/19 1:24 AM
Maen what a lovely Spring morning
08/Apr/19 1:48 AM
08/Apr/19 1:56 AM
08/Apr/19 1:57 AM
Good mAen, good people. No need for a solving strategy today. 1->9 only leaves you with the last two 6s to fill.
08/Apr/19 3:25 AM
Yesterday was the first day of great weather for us. Yes, it will still flirt with freezing temps this week but I am warm to my fingertips and toes and I have the windows OPEN!! The Summer Song Symphony has begun with spring peepers and birds song. The green grass is up above the mat of dead weeds and I have found my first outdoor blossom: a solitary snowdrop.
08/Apr/19 4:19 AM
And indoors all 14 of my orchid buds are now in full bloom.
08/Apr/19 4:20 AM
Good mAen
Playing while watching movies
08/Apr/19 5:32 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
08/Apr/19 5:33 AM
Morning all,lovey photo.
It was a pleasure to be able to do Wombat's poozle this week.
08/Apr/19 6:50 AM
You have to take photographs of bird when you can, but it is a pity that the rainbow bee eater is silhouetted against a bright sky. The really are a beautiful bird.
08/Apr/19 7:07 AM
It was sunny & warm most of the day, but cloudy now.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
08/Apr/19 7:09 AM
the sky is so beautiful who needs a bird?
08/Apr/19 7:14 AM
We went for a long hike in the woods to take advantage of the warm, spring weather. Found some of my favorite spring wild flowers: the Round-lobed Hepatica. A lovely little flower.
08/Apr/19 7:17 AM
Hey Sarah, You are back with us so that probably means you are recovering well. If it isn't too difficult we would like some details.
08/Apr/19 7:20 AM
I am back home, on a trial basis, to see if I can manage. I am taking higher doses of medication than I was when I was home before surgery so I am a tad more loopy and much more prone to falling asleep, which is fine on the couch but would be dangerous at the desk or dining room table.
08/Apr/19 7:21 AM
That's good news Sarah but we hope that you don't fall off a chair. I can't detect any sign of loopiness.
08/Apr/19 7:28 AM
Good to see ya home, Sarah. Do you really need the meds that are making you drowsy? After hip replacement surgery, my pain meds were on a as needed basis. I took the minimum required to stay pain free, which helped reduce the tendency to fall asleep...
08/Apr/19 7:29 AM
I was pushed...
08/Apr/19 7:29 AM
This will probably be boring for Sarah and others who aren't bird lovers, but I have noticed on several occasions that a really unusual number of birds of a particular species gather together. We know that some species of fish gather in particular spots to mate. I have twice seen rainbow bee More...
08/Apr/19 7:36 AM
An even more convincing example when we came on scores of Gang Gangs gathered together, when normally they are in pairs, in fact they pair for life. Anyone have any ideas about this?
08/Apr/19 7:40 AM
Yes, DorA, I was in basically unbearable pain until I upped the dose of the pain medication. Before I broke my arm, I took it maybe once a month on very terrible days. (I live with two chronic pain conditions so it takes a lot to make me feel I need help with pain.) I started taking it twice More...
08/Apr/19 8:55 AM
Oh, Sarah - It's so nice to hear from you & to know that your arm is back into the position to which it needs to heal! I can imagine how unbearable your pain must have been prior to surgery!

Drowsiness isn't such a bad state considering you need all the sleep you can get to help with that healing - take it easy please!

08/Apr/19 9:32 AM
We took advantage of a very nice day to visit our 'summer' place to check out how it fared over this ferocious winter - it survived just fine! It was a quick trip so we're home now & happy to be here for the upcoming wet & near freezing weather in store for us here this coming week!
There were More...
08/Apr/19 9:38 AM
Queensland (along with Western Australia and Northern Territory) doesn't do daylight saving. We trialled it a couple of times, but didn't like the biannual shakeup of our daily rhythms. There's an interesting article about it at
08/Apr/19 1:29 PM
Wombat, according to Backyard Buddies, Gang Gangs like to set their chicks up in creches while they go out to look for food.


Others, eg galahs, often gather together around food.
08/Apr/19 2:23 PM
Saltie Western Australia has rejected daylight savings on two referendum occasions and we periodically get agitation for another referendum. Frequent reasons are 'the cows won't milk', the colour TV will go black and white, we don't need an extra hour of daylight, the children will More...
08/Apr/19 6:55 PM
08/Apr/19 11:59 PM
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