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Easy Sudoku for 7/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rise and shine Sudoku lovers
07/Apr/19 12:12 AM
Good Maen
Fog over my neck of the woods- got big plans but first I gotta
Move it - move it -
Enjoy your day
07/Apr/19 12:46 AM
07/Apr/19 2:31 AM
07/Apr/19 2:33 AM
07/Apr/19 2:40 AM
07/Apr/19 2:00 AM
Good Morning, everyone.
07/Apr/19 2:01 AM
How's it feeling, Amelia? - Ahhh - the ole familiar homestead!
07/Apr/19 2:45 AM
Hello all - we have sunny & inviting outdoor temperatures; not 'warm' but such a far cry from our winter cold that the neighborhood is full of folks emerging from their winter cocoons!
07/Apr/19 2:49 AM
Morning. Dreary and overcast here.
07/Apr/19 3:17 AM
Good mAen, good people. I missed 'Odd Food Day' yesterday because I was picking up ... odd food at my monthly surplus food distribution ministry. It's so great to be able to slash grocery costs for ourselves plus help out a dozen or more other people by saving and using foods that would otherwise go to the landfills.
07/Apr/19 3:18 AM

Kiddos just left, but, will be back tomorrow for the family dinner.
Joyce, I did find the pot pies at Wegmans, When I was checking out, the cashier told me how good they were. A friend I ran into at the store was standing behind me in More...
07/Apr/19 3:23 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
07/Apr/19 3:29 AM
In anomgst the scrumptious frozen-just-bake gouda puffs, canned and frozen fish, canned cherries, green beans, tomatoes and powdered milk etc. were a couple cans of petite scungilli and hearts of palm. Oh, and a tiny can of 'assorted seafood and vegetables for paella' (squid, mussels, peas, More...
07/Apr/19 3:33 AM
Burl says he will try any food once but I don't want to ruin him on paella by serving it to him out of a can!

Anyway, anyone who can recommend a way to prepare petite conch (scungilli) or palm hearts please let me know.
07/Apr/19 3:38 AM
bluey, Angry Ant and Crocket

Haven't seen ya'all for a while....
07/Apr/19 3:38 AM
So, a new solving pattern today. Try the four outside numbers (1,2, 8,9) then the three middle numbers (4,5,6) then the 3 and 7.
07/Apr/19 3:41 AM
That's a crocodile from a different angle!
07/Apr/19 3:47 AM
Yup, the angle I'd rather see if I were out there!
07/Apr/19 4:31 AM
That's a particularly 'colorful' crocodile, I'd say - but since I've never seen one in real life, maybe it isn't really …??
07/Apr/19 4:33 AM
Good one, Shosho!

hmmmmmmmmm - Keith???
07/Apr/19 4:34 AM
number 22, Keith and everyone!
A sunny & warm Spring day!
Hope your day is, too!
07/Apr/19 4:42 AM
(I waited, but impatience to post won out over waiting for Keith!)
07/Apr/19 4:46 AM
Plum, the only time I've ever had Hearts of Palm is in Mexico & they are served cold/room temp as an item with the salads. I quite like them, they are mild & just add a different texture to a salad.
07/Apr/19 4:48 AM
Spent all morning cleaning leaves out of my front garden and pruning an overgrown shrub. I've wanted to do prune it for several years, but never caught it early enough - always too cold. Hopefully I didn't kill it!
07/Apr/19 4:49 AM
Just googled hearts of palm. It looks like an interesting salad addition, Joyce.
07/Apr/19 4:54 AM
Sleeping crocodile? Interesting photo
07/Apr/19 4:54 AM
Morning all, I have only seen crocodiles at a reptile park and that was as close as I ever want to be to them.
07/Apr/19 6:15 AM
Bluey,Angry Ant and Crocket.
07/Apr/19 6:20 AM
Joyce, as much as I like the bed in our van I enjoyed sleeping in our bed at home. The laundry is finally clear now I have to clear the red dust out of the van.
07/Apr/19 6:25 AM
07/Apr/19 6:48 AM
Even from the rear,they look scary
07/Apr/19 6:49 AM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it being scared of crocodiles
Matter of fact I've got it now
An Ice Cold VB Ahhh

Money on the counter Cheers everyone
07/Apr/19 6:53 AM
1:41, started quickly but got a bit befuddled in the middle. Good morning everyone.
07/Apr/19 7:38 AM
Chris - did you try it my way? The four outside, the three middle and the two leftovers. (1,2_8,9 then 4,5,6 then 3,7).
07/Apr/19 7:58 AM
I don't remember Crocket, but I met Bluey in Sydney, and remember Angry Ant and the pictures of her beautiful children. to all.
07/Apr/19 10:56 AM
I didn't Plum, just went (or tried to go) 1->9.
07/Apr/19 2:14 PM
Now that's a saltie (saltwater crocodile). It is much broader than a freshie, like we saw the other day.The freshie doesn't grow much broader that the top of this fellow's tail.

Keep your distance if you see this fellow, he would quite happily turn you into his dinner.
07/Apr/19 2:15 PM
So, does it bear any relation to my handle? Well, only for the quirk factor. The truth is I eat a lot of salt. Everyone except my doctors and nurses tell me that I eat too much of it.
07/Apr/19 2:36 PM
Song: Keith,98.6
07/Apr/19 2:45 PM
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