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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Evening all.
09/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Tiny sliver of moon visible.
09/Jan/16 12:00 AM
, y'all! Yes, it's been a while. After the soggy October, my schedule got hectic. I've been helping out other Girl Scout leaders on various forums, too, and there's only so much free time during the day. I'll certainly try to pop in more often. I've missed y'all, and it hit me last night that I REALLY need to get back here!
09/Jan/16 12:09 AM
Yes, we've had a rainy December, too, more flooding in our area, though less severe and not as widespread. I'm so done with rain . HalT and Lonewoof, remind me not to bemoan our SC summertime droughts again!
09/Jan/16 12:11 AM
How nice... first day back and a good sequence on the poozle!
09/Jan/16 12:22 AM
Nice to see you back Silvergal.
How is the packing going Wolf. We have just changed our ticketing systems in Sydney for public transport. I suggest that you google OPAL card for Sydney if you want to catch the Manly ferry or take a bus to Bondi Beach. You have my Email address if you want to ask me anything.
09/Jan/16 12:57 AM
Good morning to all! Alright, who is the scoundrel that gave Susie a black eye?
09/Jan/16 1:07 AM
Peter, sorry to hear about your ding. Next time, just back up into a plastic garbage pail.
09/Jan/16 1:09 AM
Happy Friday!
More rain in the forecast here
09/Jan/16 1:21 AM
09/Jan/16 2:12 AM
Thanks for the visit, Silvergal!
09/Jan/16 3:25 AM
I agree Judy. Nice to see Silvergal back on the site.
09/Jan/16 3:28 AM
Dreary & cold.
Seems like it's a good day to get back here!
...for Silvergal & for me as well!
09/Jan/16 3:36 AM
Still getting used to retired hubby being around all the time! Hard to keep a schedule and he seems to want to be on our computer at the same time! Of course, going on two wonderful trips and going right into the holidays has played a part, too.
09/Jan/16 3:42 AM
Did I mention we had 9 different flights on our Peru/Galapagos trip with 11 take-offs or landings? (One set was for refueling.) It seemed like it was 'Up, up & away!' all the time! And then there was the plane that didn't take off... So, we were on 10 different planes on our trip.
09/Jan/16 4:09 AM
The solid green background makes that a much more dramatic picture.
09/Jan/16 4:16 AM
09/Jan/16 4:17 AM
Tried molasses in my cereal, very interesting . . . but tasty!
09/Jan/16 4:18 AM
Silvergal, good to hear from you! Keith, I'll back out and let you get your 22. See ya later!
09/Jan/16 4:19 AM
Sounds too strong a flavor to me.
09/Jan/16 4:21 AM
Thx, shosho.
09/Jan/16 4:21 AM
09/Jan/16 4:21 AM
Honey would taste better than sugar on cereal. I know it makes better cinnamon toast.
09/Jan/16 4:23 AM
Missing that flight from Cusco to Lima, Peru (waiting for a new plane that would start) put us in 3 different hotels in 22 hours. Since we had gotten up at 4:30 AM for that Lima flight they put us in a hotel in Lima for 4 hours in the afternoon because our rescheduled connecting flight to Quito, More...
09/Jan/16 4:37 AM
Lovely flower ,that Black Eyed Susan.
09/Jan/16 4:44 AM
Lovely Gallardia!!!!
09/Jan/16 4:52 AM
from beautiful OK
09/Jan/16 4:53 AM
Still morning here by 6 minutes
09/Jan/16 4:53 AM
Had to make an unexpected trip to the bank. Daughter called her wallet had been stolen. I needed to stop payment on a check she had forgot to cash.
09/Jan/16 4:55 AM
Hi Heidi, how's Kentucky?
09/Jan/16 4:56 AM
Welcome back to, Heidi, Silvergal & Shiela
09/Jan/16 4:58 AM
My work is done here, at least for a little while.
09/Jan/16 4:59 AM
Morning all, not like the black eyed Susan's we have here.
We are hoping the flood waters have cleared the road to dil place her husband turned 50 this week and a bbq was planned for tonight. Fingers crossed.
09/Jan/16 6:24 AM
Good morning everyone. June, I guess I'll need to get an OPAL when Jane and I visit you in a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Starting to get things organised here already.
09/Jan/16 7:31 AM
Enjoy your day folks. We have a hot one coming up, so all outside jobs need to be done early.
09/Jan/16 7:33 AM
Well, look at my timing . . .
09/Jan/16 8:09 AM
I shall stroll to the bottom of the page . . .
09/Jan/16 8:10 AM
a few more steps . . .
09/Jan/16 8:10 AM
Better hurry now . . .
09/Jan/16 8:11 AM
09/Jan/16 8:11 AM
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