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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Heavy fog this morning - I won't drive for while.
08/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Perfect fit!
08/Jan/16 12:22 AM
08/Jan/16 12:47 AM
beautiful day in OK
08/Jan/16 1:12 AM
Nice to see you Heidi
08/Jan/16 1:13 AM
Very little fog up here Wolf. Happy it is not cold enough to freeze the water we got last night.
08/Jan/16 1:14 AM
Good morning to all! Kitten love wrapped up in a heart!
08/Jan/16 1:49 AM
08/Jan/16 1:56 AM
If I scrunch up just enough, I can fit into anything!
08/Jan/16 2:04 AM

Nice and sunny here today, so I'll run my errands this afternoon instead of tomorrow when it's supposed to rain most of the day. (Sunday it will shift back to snow and then be cold all of next week.)
08/Jan/16 4:10 AM
08/Jan/16 4:16 AM
Well we have a sunny sky out today! Starting about 10 it started raining yesterday and didn't let up when I went to bed last night! My plants are thoroughly watered if not drowning!
08/Jan/16 4:18 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
08/Jan/16 4:18 AM
fellow puzzlers. I can at last report IT HAS STOPPED RAINING for the time being. Going to be very humid the next day or two as the temperatures heat up .
08/Jan/16 4:19 AM

Know exactly what you mean about the plants Shosho
08/Jan/16 4:20 AM

Hope Keith isnt waiting for his number today, it seems like he has a bit more waiting to do.
08/Jan/16 4:20 AM
Probably good Jim hasn't been visiting lately.
08/Jan/16 5:25 AM
He'd be so disappointed.
08/Jan/16 5:26 AM
Yup, been waiting,
08/Jan/16 5:26 AM
but not any more.
08/Jan/16 5:26 AM
With me, Lizzy?
08/Jan/16 5:27 AM
08/Jan/16 5:27 AM
Morning all,no matter what the shape cats will make it fit.
08/Jan/16 5:39 AM
Hello Heidi !
08/Jan/16 5:40 AM
Lizzy, you've got mail.
08/Jan/16 5:57 AM
Lovely photo indeed! cute kitten snuggled in such tight heart shape basket!
08/Jan/16 6:36 AM
Back from the doctor, nothing wrong just a check up.
08/Jan/16 8:58 AM
Morning all.
Glad to hear it has stopped raining in Gosford Lizzie G
We could do with some down south but preferably without the humidity. We've been enjoying some wonderful days this week but it is starting to warm up again.. back to the 30's by Sunday
08/Jan/16 9:30 AM
A Good Friend will Bail you out of Jail, But a Great Friend will be sitting right next to you saying WOW that was a Blast!
08/Jan/16 11:52 AM
Damn, I'm so cranky with myself. I backed my car into a post and put a bit of a ding in the rear bumper................not a happy camper!
08/Jan/16 12:47 PM
Ah me, Peter. What can I say?
Well, let's see...
1. No more than one beer before driving.
2. Check the rear view mirror before backing.
3. Have the wife direct you when backing up.
4..... Help me out here, folks. Peter needs assistance!!
08/Jan/16 1:53 PM
Mr. Cee, where are you when we need you?
08/Jan/16 1:58 PM
Any suggestions, Phantom?
08/Jan/16 2:01 PM
Barbara says, 'Listen to wife when she says stop.'
08/Jan/16 2:11 PM
A CP, then...
08/Jan/16 2:13 PM
Comfy cat.
08/Jan/16 2:54 PM
We've all done it Peter, but it is no fun when it happens. Coming back from an Austin Rally in Bendigo my A7 rolled of its trailer when we were coming up a slight hill on the Hume Highway. A strap the same as one that had done the job to Perth and back had frayed.
08/Jan/16 4:10 PM
Fortunately it veered to wards a side rail and then deflected from it and over towards the grass strip between the two sides of the dual lane road. A couple of passing motorists pushed it clear of the road.
08/Jan/16 4:15 PM
Neither Mrs Wombat or I noticed it come off as there is a cowl over the front of the trailer and it slipped off with barely a bump. It was a shock getting a phone call from another of our group asking where the A7 was.
08/Jan/16 4:19 PM
By the time we made a u-turn and got back to the A7 there was quite a group of friends and strangers ready to push it back onto the trailer and lash it down securely.
08/Jan/16 4:22 PM
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