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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Off to work again.
07/Jan/16 12:00 AM

Time for bed. Goodnight
07/Jan/16 12:07 AM
Enjoy your day at work Wolf.
Not long now before you will be off on holidays.
Good luck packing.
07/Jan/16 12:08 AM

fellow puzzlers
07/Jan/16 12:11 AM
BTW, the kittens are really cute.
07/Jan/16 12:17 AM

I suspect Bean was being a bit sarcastic when she wished Wolf good luck packing, here in Gosford (an hours drive north of Sydney) we have had temps in high 30Cs, torrential rain, temps in low 20Cs, wild winds, about the only thing we havent had is snow!!!
07/Jan/16 12:23 AM
Good morning to all! I wonder who took this photo. Burmilla's are a rare breed but quite a wonder pet to have.
07/Jan/16 1:02 AM

June had it right when she said bring clothes you can layer. This country is known for its extremes in temperature and weather. My 90yr old Mum says she doesn't need to leave the street to experience 4 seasons in one day....
Dont let this put you off Wolf, you will have a great time on your once in a life time trip whatever the weather throws at you!
07/Jan/16 1:06 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Jan/16 1:46 AM
The plan of the day 'was' to just pack up Christmas decorations and nothing else.
Well, I made a resolution and I do not want to break it the second week of the new year and that was to be crafty. Or pick up an old hobby. Before the girls were pushed out the door, I was already spread out across More...
07/Jan/16 1:49 AM
Now I am off to go back down that aisle I found yesterday. There are more projects going through my head. Though to complete two of them, I need the end of Summer sales. I have a feeling that next holiday season we are going to be wreath happy. Hopefully by then I will have figured out what has happened to my up loading of pictures and share my fun.
07/Jan/16 1:51 AM
I know this is short for me, but I have lots I need to accomplish before my darlings return and I only have 7 hours.
07/Jan/16 1:52 AM
Never fear, I shall return.
07/Jan/16 1:52 AM

I see Karen is busy writing lots and lots of entries here instead of working on her decorations.
07/Jan/16 2:24 AM
I'm making banana bread today with over-ripe bananas. I'll add chopped walnuts and dried apricots, too.
07/Jan/16 2:25 AM
I have everything I need for the banana bread, so don't have to wonder if it will cost $25 like Karen's banana pudding yesterday!
07/Jan/16 2:26 AM
07/Jan/16 2:44 AM
I didn't expect to find us this far along.
07/Jan/16 2:45 AM
Yup, cute for sure.
07/Jan/16 2:49 AM
Seems I'm by myself.
07/Jan/16 2:49 AM
Go Keith!!
07/Jan/16 2:49 AM
Oh well.
07/Jan/16 2:49 AM

You did it !!
07/Jan/16 2:50 AM
... & Lizzy pushed me right into it. Could have been either one of us.
07/Jan/16 2:51 AM
07/Jan/16 3:03 AM
Happy Wednesday day off! May try to get Hubby to take me to see the new Star Wars movie (and try to avoid the weekend crowds)
07/Jan/16 3:47 AM
07/Jan/16 4:34 AM
I had lunch with an old friend who worked at the same school as I but she retired four years earlier than me. We ate at an English pub run by an English expat, The Whale and Ale. The owner is the father of a former student of mine.
07/Jan/16 4:36 AM
The owner stopped at our table and recognized me. He let me know how his daughter had graduated in three years instead of four of one of the two big universities in Los Angeles. That's my girl! I made sure that the girls knew that science and math were subjects that girls were very capable of More...
07/Jan/16 4:41 AM
Cute kittens indeed! Lovely photo
07/Jan/16 4:55 AM
Go for it, Aileen! We went and saw Star Wars on Monday, the first day the kids were back in school! The theater was full of 'Old People'! The movie is great, more akin to the original three episodes than the ones that followed, focusing on character development rather than on convoluted plots. Have fun! Dummmm dum, da da da dummmm dum ...
07/Jan/16 5:07 AM
Morning all, very cute kitties.
Psst, it has stopped raining and I can see patches of blue.
07/Jan/16 6:12 AM
Very cute kitties today! Love 'em!
07/Jan/16 6:34 AM
Good morning all.
07/Jan/16 8:23 AM
Dottie, I am working on my decorations. I am just adding to it, not packing.

And I think my bananas have missed pudding stage, maybe bread...might be deer or raccoon food.
07/Jan/16 8:41 AM
It is a shame that there are either too many posts or not enough posts. Gets really confusing.
07/Jan/16 8:42 AM
Not to mention what topic should be discussed.
07/Jan/16 8:44 AM
A really bright sunny day here today, but the wind is straight from the South Pole.
07/Jan/16 8:59 AM
We are nearly to the bottom of the page. Will someone race me to it?
07/Jan/16 9:00 AM
Goodbye to page 1.
07/Jan/16 9:01 AM
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