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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Now to figure out how to get a cheap phone that works in Australia & New Zealand.
06/Jan/16 12:00 AM
I guess no one knows how even after all this time.
06/Jan/16 12:30 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Jan/16 12:46 AM
Sorry Wolf.
Since I have not changed phones in about 10 years, I am the last person to give advice...phone wise that is.
06/Jan/16 12:47 AM
How cheap is cheap Wolf?
Pick one up once you land.
06/Jan/16 12:57 AM
Last day to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Though in my dreams last night, I had everything packed up and put away. The dream was so real, that I was in shock this morning when I got up and the house was still decorated.
The outside looks so bare since Man started taking outside decorations More...
06/Jan/16 1:03 AM
Walkers are stopping us and discussing how empty and depressing it is to see all the decorations gone.
06/Jan/16 1:05 AM
But I have moved on to the next holiday.
Emailed my teacher yesterday, which was the first day back after a two week break, and asked if it was too soon to discuss the Valentine's party, which I already have planned out and made most of the purchases. For some reason I got a one word email back. More...
06/Jan/16 1:09 AM
There you go, my dear Shosho.
06/Jan/16 1:09 AM
Really thought Monday I would start to going back to normal, or maybe a normal schedule, but I thought wrong. Way back in September or October I said it was OK to schedule a dentist appointment on the first day back to school for both girls and Man decided he was not ready to go back to work. I did More...
06/Jan/16 1:15 AM
Good morning all.
06/Jan/16 1:54 AM
Good morning from me, too.
06/Jan/16 2:35 AM
Good morning to all (from me three)!
06/Jan/16 2:50 AM
I know what that little girl is thinking: 'Very nice, but where's the diving board?'
06/Jan/16 2:51 AM
Me four - Good morning.
06/Jan/16 2:59 AM
Getting excited.
06/Jan/16 3:00 AM
Cruise starts tomorrow.
06/Jan/16 3:00 AM
See, I even procrastinate on getting excited. I always say I'll get excited when I am actually on the plane/ship/train.
06/Jan/16 3:02 AM
Wolf, just bring your phone and buy a prepaid SIM card for it. Swap the card from your phone with it, register with the phone company, buy some credit (WHICH CAN BE TOPPED UP ALONG THE WAY)and off you go. Let the folks back home know your new number. Kathy or Jane could tell you what they did, I'll let them know on TOS that you need advice.
06/Jan/16 3:07 AM
When we travel we take a notebook or tablet and for making calls I have credit on Skype so that I can call to phones or mobiles at just a few cents a minute. I phoned Sue from OK the other day. Talked for about 20 minutes for less than $1.
I have a $30 prepaid credit on my phone which I only use More...
06/Jan/16 3:25 AM
Will leave for you, Keith!! Hurry up and get your 22!
06/Jan/16 3:36 AM
CP.... just for you:

06/Jan/16 3:54 AM
Keith missed out today.
06/Jan/16 3:55 AM
Well, it is possible I may have messed up.
First I was finishing a project of making wreaths for all my outside windows, then packing them up, which I realized I may not have ordered enough stuff this year, to pack up all the added decorations. Man is trying his best to provide me with enough More...
06/Jan/16 4:24 AM
While packing up the front porch decorations, I noticed our bows are beyond tired looking. So hopefully my crafting resolution will also teach me how to make big decorative bows for next season.
Since I was packing the outside decorations and the inside garland is going to be transferred to the More...
06/Jan/16 4:28 AM
So, in my last day of enjoying the Christmas decorations, my house is already getting that bare look.
Kitties are having a blast. Each box I bring out or open up, they are ready for good play of box hopping.
06/Jan/16 4:30 AM
Words of wisdom for you, that one day I hope to hear and learn from.
Do not squat or bend when you have a pocket full of thumb tacks.
06/Jan/16 4:32 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Getting some much needed rain this morning (but I'm hoping it will stop by the time I leave for work this afternoon!)
06/Jan/16 4:51 AM
Karen, careful with the glue gun. If you should find yourself stuck to the mantle, we might hear 'Karen roasting by an open fire'. Yeah, I know ''Groan''.
06/Jan/16 6:13 AM
Time for a swim.
06/Jan/16 6:31 AM
Morning all, all in pink.
Will have to check live traffic before daughter and I go shopping this morning. Some low areas have been flooded from all the rain.
06/Jan/16 6:54 AM
fellow puzzlers. It has to be good for someone somewhere, all this rain is making life a bit difficult round here, supposed to be summer...time for swimming and outdoor fun. Guess I will have to make do inside. At least our little house isnt washed away like so many others up the coast have been.
06/Jan/16 7:05 AM

Have a great trip CP....look forward to reports and pictures when you are able.
06/Jan/16 7:07 AM
Good morning all. Enjoy your trip CP.
06/Jan/16 7:14 AM
Lizzie and Amelia - send us the rain - we are getting desperate! I've never seen it so dry, with so little feed for the cattle. We'll have to feed out hay very early. We're ok, but hay is in very short supply and very expensive in Tassie this year. A lot of farmers are destocking.
06/Jan/16 7:19 AM
It's amazing how our lives, with all these technologies, is still center around weather. My first step-dad, worked or not worked according to the weather. When he was a bulldozer person, he needed dry conditions and when he hauled cattle, he wanted wet conditions.
No matter where you are, I hope you have the weather you need.
06/Jan/16 8:16 AM
May have done another Uh-Oh. When I went in search for food earlier all I could find was ingredients. I am tired of ingredients, so thought I could find something faster to eat if I went through the drive through down the road. On the way out of our little community is the Dollar Store. I have some More...
06/Jan/16 8:22 AM
I did not even lock my car, because I knew just as I entered the store, the cookies would be at my right and check out on my left. Stepped into the store and they got me right in front of me, a huge table of Christmas clearance. One glance around had me going back outside for a cart and heading down the seasonal aisle.
06/Jan/16 8:24 AM
My darn cookies cost me whopping 25 bucks. But I now have new outside bows, which with a little tweaking will be gorgeous. More ornaments and now poinsettia flowers to spruce up my wreaths and probably more wreaths. I am now well stocked up on cinnamon cones and brooms. Some to pack with, but More...
06/Jan/16 8:29 AM
Bye-bye page one.
06/Jan/16 8:30 AM
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