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Easy Sudoku for 9/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Where's the woolerf? Where's the woolerf?
09/Mar/16 12:33 AM
I'm still tired from the long trip home.
09/Mar/16 1:00 AM
1:38 Good night one and all!
09/Mar/16 1:03 AM
Yikes! Lambs and wolves to start the day!
09/Mar/16 1:13 AM
to the unlikely duo, Anne & everyone!
or / Not sure.
But it's starting out mild! Snow melted! Yippee!!!
09/Mar/16 1:16 AM
The 'guys' are painting the second bath today. Not sure about the color. Looks a bit like gold to me and I told them any color but gold when we started project. I'll wait for 'total effect' before I make final judgement. Maybe it's yellow!
09/Mar/16 1:36 AM
Good Maen, good people. Oh, Shiela, as an artist you need a color you like and you see shades that many people don't.

In my personal opinion, one needs a color one likes in a bathroom. It's where people look in a mirror and you want people to feel good about themselves.

Moreover, More...
09/Mar/16 2:01 AM
Good morning.
09/Mar/16 2:33 AM
Phew, lambsy escaped the wolf today.
09/Mar/16 2:34 AM
I do so hate a slaughter to start the day.
09/Mar/16 2:34 AM
Good advice, Plum, re bathroom colours.
09/Mar/16 2:35 AM
No wonder you're tired, wolf. Your itinerary was packed. And jet lag is the pits!
09/Mar/16 2:37 AM
Happy Tuesday!
09/Mar/16 3:09 AM
more rain today, we can really use it. Still a beautiful day here in OK
09/Mar/16 4:28 AM
Had a massage this morning, I feel so much better.
09/Mar/16 4:43 AM
Guess it is a slow day, where is everyone?? I see Plum has come back to visit good to see you again.
09/Mar/16 4:46 AM
I like this site -- too much, sometimes, which is why I had to leave for a while. I was spending too much time in Sudokuland and when my full attention was required at home I knew I had to break the addiction. I hope I can come back without becoming once again a Sudokulandaholic. You good people make it difficult.
09/Mar/16 4:56 AM
Once you convince yourself it's not an addiction,
09/Mar/16 5:00 AM
that you just ought to live here,
09/Mar/16 5:00 AM
it's no longer a problem.
09/Mar/16 5:00 AM
09/Mar/16 5:00 AM
09/Mar/16 5:01 AM
09/Mar/16 5:03 AM
On the up side I have accomplished much since i stepped back. Web sites up and running, diagnoses and treatment plans, a little bit of home maintenance. On the down side further medical problems for myself and several family and extended family members, a car totaled in a crash, breaking up More...
09/Mar/16 5:07 AM
Sure. I can leave Sudokuland anytime I want, unless it's the beginning of a new day, close to the bottom of a page, close to someone's favorite number, time for a poozle or I'm craving or following a conversation or wondering if/when someone is going to show up in real time. It's not in the leadt bit addictive, is it? Ha! Gosh, I've missed this place.
09/Mar/16 5:11 AM
Not to mention cps -- or CP.
09/Mar/16 5:12 AM
Morning all, my grandson Dillan loves playing baseball .
09/Mar/16 5:13 AM
Gotta go get shoes on to go vote in the Michigan primary today. My choice of primary candidates have never survived to the general election, so I wonder if my vote is a knell of doom for a good man/woman? More likely I just have more discernment and better judgment than the majority of voters? Another laugh. Gotta go. Thanks for the welcome back, everyone.
09/Mar/16 5:16 AM
Never mind ,Plum, we all come running back at some point.
09/Mar/16 5:17 AM
Good maen to you all from beautiful Portland, Oregon.
09/Mar/16 5:57 AM
Ahhhh baseball. Won't be long now.
09/Mar/16 6:15 AM
The thing that frustrates me about this site is that there is no 'like' button.
09/Mar/16 6:35 AM
I voted today.
09/Mar/16 6:36 AM
And I have the sticker to prove it.
09/Mar/16 6:37 AM
I was given the 400th walk-in ballot in my precinct. Pretty good voter turnout here in my little corner of the USA.

200 mailed in ballots. Polls are open until this evening. Our township usually has the highest voter participation of any township in the county.
09/Mar/16 6:41 AM
I can't imagine passing up the opportunity to vote in a primary election!
09/Mar/16 6:42 AM
Just checking in and wishing everyone a great day. (Good luck with the bathroom, Shiela.)
09/Mar/16 7:15 AM
Hi everyone. All went ok yesterday, only four polyps removed this time with a biopsy sent off for testing from one of them (precautionary only I'm told, so I'm not overly concerned.)
09/Mar/16 7:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! A good slide to get safe!
09/Mar/16 7:47 AM
Well why not?
09/Mar/16 7:48 AM
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