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Easy Sudoku for 9/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
09/Mar/17 12:01 AM
Mmm. Grapefruit.
09/Mar/17 12:06 AM
2:16 Very slow tonight.
09/Mar/17 12:30 AM
But seeking warmer climes for a couple of weeks.
I find out on Friday if I have to take the 'boot' along.
09/Mar/17 12:50 AM
another beautiful day in OK
09/Mar/17 12:54 AM
I don't know who posted about me moving from Kansas to here. I have lived here in OK since 2001 I just moved from one house to another one here in town in 2012. I do live very close to Kansas only about 25 miles south.
09/Mar/17 12:59 AM
Time for Harry's PT, later
09/Mar/17 1:00 AM
I dedicate this post to Lady Shosho!
09/Mar/17 1:23 AM
Wombat - I worked both short ends towards the middle which gave me the clue as to letters to add to the longer words. I don't think it was harder than your others and I was impressed that you made it to so many letters. I like your 1&3 puzzles, too.
09/Mar/17 1:40 AM
With Wombat and Keith and the few occasional other people who make puzzles for us to solve: a large part of the fun on the solving side is admiring how much time and effort it takes to put together a successful puzzle!
09/Mar/17 1:50 AM
Sue, that would be my bad. I was sure you mentioned Kansas and mentioned moving, so in my faulty memory banks I put the two together. Sorry.
09/Mar/17 1:52 AM
What part of Arkansas? I've never been there, but it seems a pleasant and varied state.
09/Mar/17 1:53 AM
Shiela, take an extra suitcase, load it up with genuine warmth and bring it back to Michigan!!
09/Mar/17 1:54 AM
G'day all & to those who follow later!
09/Mar/17 2:12 AM
Good morning.
09/Mar/17 2:21 AM
A bit more life in the ol' site this morning.
09/Mar/17 2:22 AM
Getting up this early is not good for me.
09/Mar/17 2:23 AM
Very, very nearly fell for a scam yesterday morning.
09/Mar/17 2:25 AM
And went on to have a morning of minor, annoying incidents. No physical damage. just minor nuisance things.
09/Mar/17 2:27 AM
Plum, I work Wombat's puzzles much the same way. I work as far as I can from the top, then up from the bottom. That usually leaves a few words to hassle with, but, I have most of the letters. Not that I don't do some hair pulling..... But, if they were easy it wouldn't be as much fun.
09/Mar/17 2:32 AM
Guess I better wait and see if our traveler shows up.
09/Mar/17 2:33 AM
No Keith? Okay, on we go!

The answers to yesterday's poozle: blame, elate, clean, apart, devil

Speaking of the devil....winners Joyce, Judy, Shosho, Amelia, Peter, Wombat, Plum and Sarah receive the ''The Devil Made Me Do It'' Crown
09/Mar/17 2:45 AM
And for today.....

Each of the following clues describes two words. One of the words is a type of mammal. The other word is that mammal with one of the following changes: a letter added anywhere (rat brat), a letter deleted anywhere (badger badge), a letter changed anywhere (hare harp). More...
09/Mar/17 2:48 AM
I seem to alone here. I'll get my and be on my way...
09/Mar/17 2:59 AM
Seems I wandered in a little late. Oh well. Morning all.
09/Mar/17 3:18 AM
09/Mar/17 3:59 AM
09/Mar/17 4:00 AM
Plum, we are moving to Bella Vista in north west Arkansas. It is so different than any where I have lived, this is move 22. This is a part of Arkansas with many hills, I use to think the region was the Ozarks but not sure if that is correct.
09/Mar/17 5:37 AM
Love grapefruit! So good, as a start to breakfast.
09/Mar/17 5:54 AM
09/Mar/17 6:12 AM
Just checking in from my cell phone that needs charging. But the electricity has been out all day. So can't pull up Kathy's poozle on a large enough screen.
09/Mar/17 7:30 AM
Sue - I did a quick look up of Bella Vista. Looks as if it should live up to its name! Hope you like it there. Two sites claim it is in the foothills of the Ozarks. I didn't see any photos showing anything other than gently rolling landscapes but then I have to conserve my battery.
09/Mar/17 7:34 AM
So, I guess that means I'm done for now. There are thousands without power from high wind. We have a power pole down up the street from us plus another line on the other side of us is strained and sagging. Businesses in the area and traffic lights are out. We don't have water because we have a More...
09/Mar/17 7:39 AM
The sun is up and there is a bit of blue sky. I hope today is fine. We are staying within walking distance of the beach but surf is very rough and not beach weather. Hope to catch up with Suzy today as we intend to drive to near where she lives.
09/Mar/17 7:45 AM
Yesterday we did a tree top walk. A walkway built through the tree tops. Some very light showers but we did not get wet. We also went to a local farmers market. Lovely fresh vegetables but they would not have been fresh by the time we go home tomorrow.
09/Mar/17 7:48 AM
Morning all,I thought they were oranges. Our grapefruit are yellow.
09/Mar/17 7:49 AM
June ,I'll try and keep the clouds we have up here for you, have a great catch up with Suzy.
09/Mar/17 7:51 AM
Got to run have an appointment at the hairdressers at 9am.
09/Mar/17 7:52 AM
Oooh look at the time!!! Shall I push us to the bottom of the page and onto the next?
09/Mar/17 9:41 AM
09/Mar/17 9:42 AM
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