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Hard Sudoku for 10/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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"Arrrrrr!" They get the best riches... and sunsets!
Question: How come pirates in the Caribbean and pirates in Somalia have such different reputations? One seems romantic while the other despicable... Is it only time that has romanticized them? Or is it just Johnny Depp?
10/Apr/09 12:11 AM
"Heeerrrrre's Johnny!"
10/Apr/09 12:34 AM
10/Apr/09 12:45 AM
6:25 Maen! Gorgeous sunset, arrrrrr!
10/Apr/09 12:52 AM
Oh how pretty. - Speaking of Pirate ships.... we were fortunate enough to visit the "Bounty" while we were in Florida. It is at the Pier of St. Petersburg. We had a personal tour from one of the crew members. It was very exciting!
10/Apr/09 1:55 AM
Any of that rum punch left, or did Hal and Shiela finish it?
10/Apr/09 2:46 AM
This looks like it: http://www.jollyrogercayman.com/
10/Apr/09 3:03 AM
8:36 Happy Easter. Wonderful colours. Its been ages since I've see the sun like that.
10/Apr/09 3:07 AM
Wish I was there, pirates or no!
10/Apr/09 3:15 AM
Caribbean =

Somalia =

It's Depp.
10/Apr/09 4:40 AM
maen all! the u.s. navy started as paid pirates to disrupt british supplies on the european and african coast during to revolution. the english navy was too powerful to fight head-on so we reverted to guerrilla tactics. same thing during the war of 1812. john paul jones, father of the navy, wound More...
10/Apr/09 6:02 AM
Arrrrrr, me hearties. Them pirates of old knew how to buckle their swashes, unlike the Somali pirates. These be masterful seamen. Now pass the rum, or I'll keelhaul ye.
10/Apr/09 8:36 AM
10:28, hi all.
10/Apr/09 8:48 AM
Did you know that..... the "Bounty" was the ship the "Pirates of the Carribbean" was filmed on?
..........it was originally built for the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty?"
10/Apr/09 10:02 AM
10/Apr/09 8:37 PM
7:32 Hope the rum isn't gone.
10/Apr/09 11:30 PM
This was my picture too, and I missed it again!
29/Apr/09 2:00 AM
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