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Hard Sudoku for 15/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Wow, Kate! Amazing photo!
15/Feb/13 12:28 AM
I'm with Shiela on this one, Kate - 'Amazing'!!
15/Feb/13 12:54 AM
maen all! they are neat bugs...this white one is cool...ours are mostly black, brown or beige.
15/Feb/13 1:23 AM
Looks a bit like one of the spiders in 'Miniscule'.
15/Feb/13 5:25 AM
If I hold real still, maybe she won't notice me.
15/Feb/13 7:07 AM
6:41 Hi All
15/Feb/13 7:59 AM
Ohoh, Ian another Miniscule tragic!! I agree Keith..those eyes are watching eveerryyy moove you make! Great pic Kate..great time you have with your camera!!
15/Feb/13 8:43 AM
Hi Shiela, Vici, deltz, Ian, Keith & Jack.
Thank you all! It is an impressive tiny thing isn't it. I didn't see it till I saw something move. Had to enlarge it on the monitor to make sure it was a spider!!!
15/Feb/13 8:44 AM
Every move you make, every breathe you take, I'll be watching you ......
15/Feb/13 11:01 AM
Looks like we have a few (me included) Miniscule fans here.
Big name for such a tiny spider, or was that the name of the plant.
Great capture, Kate!
15/Feb/13 5:49 PM
3:11. I'm feeling a little jaded after the working week, and five fairly hard runs in the last six days, so I was happy to see a nice easy 'empty corner' puzzle.
15/Feb/13 7:23 PM
Hi Robin, Midge, G-h & Chris!
15/Feb/13 9:03 PM
G-h the spider is: Garden Jumping Spider, Opisthoncus parcedentatus, Salticidae
& the plant is/was Dianella caerulea var. productum Hemerocallidaceae, Phormiaceae (although these names do change from time to time - particularly in the plant field & I think this plant name may have changed!!!
15/Feb/13 9:08 PM
Robin, I loooove Miniscule.
15/Feb/13 9:58 PM
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