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Hard Sudoku for 16/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Is this yours Rosemary? I knew where it was as the picture was coming in to focus as I've also been there. Lovely photo.
ANGELA from Dallas, I left a message for you on yesterday's page but in case you didn't see it, if you click on 'go to my page' after my name, you will find the recipe you want on page 2 of my page.
4:35 Maen There is a definite style to the NZ buildings the past few weeks -- all from one period or area?
mAen! 8:01
A beautiful work of architecture!
4:37 Maen
Is there a story behind this building?
Anne: re, your recipe - is the bacon in the US sense of the word or some other, eg, what we call Canadian Bacon in the US and what they call back bacon? I think what people call bacon differs quite a bit depending on where you are from...
9:34 Lovely building ... have a great day/night, everyone.
Lovely picture of an histrical castle.
A perfect Focus picture.

Nice mAen to all.
It was just plain filling in the blanks today.
As this photo came into focus, I recognised it as a place I'd visited. I would love to go back, as NZ is a beautiful country.
mAen all - wish I could play princess for a day - take me away. Looks rock solid. 70 today and cool.
7:49 Without Possibilities, but without allowing incorrect moves
Oh! It would be so much fun to go explore a castle. Thanks for sharing this picture!\

Jan/Florida - Enjoy your 70 today for it is 16 up here in Michigan. BRRRRRRRRR
11:48 Hi to all. Excellent photo Rose, did you play Queen for the day??
Great 'one family house'!
The building has several stories, but they're inside, not behind.
Queen Rosemary has a nice ring to it don't you think if only for the day, lovely old building.
Lanarch Castle! I asked on one of the other Dunedin pictures if you'd been up there and I recognised it from the earliest fade-in! Looks like it was a far sunnier day for you than for me! I was nearly blown off the top!
Thanks Rosemary for another lovely photo. Early days of Lanarch Castle were rocked by bankruptcy, suicides and other deaths. It's a much more peaceful place now, and the buildings and gardens are worth visiting.
GAIL from NY - bacon to us is the rashers of smoked pork sliced with the rind on the back. There are a couple of different cuts of it, some fattier than others, but they are all of the same flavour. for example you can get shoulder rashers or middle rashers, I don't buy bacon very often so not sure of them all. I thought bacon was basically the same everywhere.
Great picture. Would make a good puzzle.
Hi Gordon. Have you seen this?
oooooooo what a surprise, thought all my photos from NZ were finished.
It is a beautiful place now after a very checkered history as Elizabeth said. But what castle doesnt have history, a story and perhaps a ghost or two.
Was hard to get the whole vision of the castle and its More...
Gail, I was just in AU recently, and their rasher of bacon is more like our ham, or a really big, thick slice of bacon. I think you could use thick sliced with the same results.
Gail, 3 rashers of bacon would be equal to about 6-8 slices thick bacon.
Don't think I've ever seen an old style castle like this with palm trees in front!
Someday I'll get to tour botanical gardens in NZ...someday.
Holly, our bacon rashers are only sliced quite thinly.
perhaps the US idea of bacon is that really thinly sliced cured meat - prosciutto.
Kate: that was our experience too - strong wind and rain as well, plus it was foggy and we had no view at all from the top, apart from a few trees close to the castle. I guess it could be pretty spectacular there, but we didn't see it. Add a few sad stories to the dismal weather, and Lanarch Castle was a very sombre place.
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