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Hard Sudoku for 19/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Bumblebee!
(I'm known by my grand-twins as Grandma Bumblebee! Both sets of grandparents' last names starts wth a 'B', so 'Grandma B' was out. Hubby always played 'Bumblebee, bumblebee gonna get you...' with them - So, we are Grandma & Papa Bumblebee!)
19/Jul/14 12:06 AM
19/Jul/14 1:33 AM
Beautiful flowers, and love to see those bees. We need them these days.
19/Jul/14 2:15 AM
Cute grandma/pa story, Shiela!
19/Jul/14 2:28 AM
I love the colors and life in this photo, and I love the grandparents story, Shiela. Shouldn't you change your avatar to a bumblebee?
19/Jul/14 2:54 AM
Everlasting bees are under threat
19/Jul/14 2:56 AM
maen all! was thinking those flowers would look great on the lapel of a crisp light summer jacket!
19/Jul/14 3:05 AM
I've spent enough time trying to get a close-up of a bee on a flower to know how hard it is to do.
19/Jul/14 3:51 AM
19/Jul/14 10:07 AM
5:48. Good morning all.
19/Jul/14 10:31 AM
19/Jul/14 4:08 PM
If you spend a lot of time trying to photograph a bumblebee, won't it have flown away before you get the picture taken?
22/Jul/14 12:37 PM
29/Jul/14 7:38 PM
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