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Hard Sudoku for 21/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Jul/08 12:14 AM
Hi Plum! I forgot my timer. Beautiful flower. Reminds me of several of our users photo galleries, so can't figure out the submitter.
21/Jul/08 12:27 AM
7:07 to you all.

Lovely flower shot.
21/Jul/08 12:58 AM
very.. very nice picture
21/Jul/08 2:01 AM
maen all! nice...my mom is big on potted geraniums. she has about 30 of them i bring in and put out of her sun room spring and fall...good days work. with all the rain this year they're doing better than ever.
21/Jul/08 2:09 AM
Beautiful flowers, Geraniums. A HUGE range of colors, leaves and scents. Some are even natural mosquito repellants!

21/Jul/08 2:10 AM
I have geraniums on the porch. Not as pretty as this one, though
21/Jul/08 3:27 AM
Oh, very pretty! I have white and deep pink geraniums this year.
21/Jul/08 4:35 AM
6:18. Lovely geranium, I transplanted a couple yesterday and got some lovely rain right on cue to water them in.
21/Jul/08 6:50 AM
The "Check Moves" button should be removed. Using this button helps solve sudoku when a square has only 2 alternatives.
21/Jul/08 7:37 AM
11.44 Why don't my geraniums look that good?
21/Jul/08 7:51 AM
You could always resist pushing the button, SubbaRao!
21/Jul/08 8:40 AM
Beautiful photo!
21/Jul/08 9:07 AM
Judy... I wanted to say that!
21/Jul/08 9:17 AM
9:36 Hi to all. Pretty colours.
21/Jul/08 9:56 AM
19:58 vewy slow, pretty flower.
21/Jul/08 11:04 AM
I always get confused between geraniums and pelargoniums. The ones in my yard are pelargoniums, I think, but known as geraniums. They grow like weeds here in California. All you have to do is stick a cutting in the ground and the next year you have a 3 foot high bush. I have to hack them back every year or they would take over.
21/Jul/08 11:51 AM
I share your confusion Martha, and this one I would have called a pelargonium, but not for any specific reason. Mine are mostle single colours, and I call them geraniums. I must google!!!
21/Jul/08 12:13 PM
Wikipedia says "Confusingly, "geranium" is also the common name of members of the genus Pelargonium, which were formerly classified in the cranesbill genus. In the United States, true Geraniums are frequently distinguished from the less hardy Pelargoniums as (rather redundantly) More...
21/Jul/08 12:17 PM
I THOUGHT I knew how to identify a geranium with no problem. Thanks bluey. NOW I am confused.
21/Jul/08 1:16 PM
Eaay hard...
I too was confused by the distinction between flowers.. I'll just call them geraniums.
They do grow like weeds here in califona. I planted...or should say, I stuck a cuttng in the ground, and it took over a tree. I had to take out the geranium to save my tree.
21/Jul/08 4:16 PM
I think the reason some geraniums take over are they get over watered, they grow better and brighter when they get less water. I'll get off the soapbox now LOL
21/Jul/08 8:47 PM
13.28 Stunning
21/Jul/08 11:20 PM
23/Sep/09 8:42 AM
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