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Hard Sudoku for 24/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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7:49 - going badly on all the levels tonight.

Goodnight all.
14:36..not fast, but I think I am first so thought I should write a comment. And it's my first comment!!
Fun at sunset
Wow! A place i have actually been to, of course it is in my country, but it was a good time there!
Very pretty, a much warmer night than here!
Well Done
Chris, I'm glad its not just me struggling today!!!
9:37 Right down the road Maen
Straight logic, but took some time
7:56 Nice photo of another place in my own country that I've never been. Someday (sigh). Good Maen all!
11:11 Welcome, Azza from Melbourne. Struggled a little with this puzzle (those pesky 2s) but then everything fell into line.
7:44, nice pic
Good Maen to all. Nice picture. Have driven around all 5 great lakes several times. The best drive is the northern route around Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, Canada. Very scenic and wild. Hope all Sudoku players world-wide have the opportunity to experience it personally.
Thanks for all the summer reminiscing today. I remember every summer going to vacation for a week at the beach in Michigan. We used to sneak out before out parents were awake at sunrise and shell hunt until breakfast.Sometimes we were miles down shore.Can't let little ones do that anymore! Made so many shell necklaces later on.
Lovely view of the Great Lake!
Interesting picture. I live in Manitowoc which is right on the Lake.
Beautiful shot! We're headed for the Lake Michigan shore in a few weeks - our favorite family vacation spot. You wouldn't believe how much film mom-in-law uses on sunset pictures every summer. Some day we'll get her to use a digital.
I always enjoy a Lake Michigan Sunset. It is a beautiful picture!
I spent all my childhood summer IN Lake Michigan - Beaver Island. Anyone every been there?
Makes me wish my children had the opportunity to spend carefree days at the beach, like I did as a child. Summers were a 2 month party! Now they are filled with work, and a measley week vacation. **sigh**
8.44 happy with the effort
maeN. That's my lake! Gotta love it!
To Nurn from Galway: I have been to Washington Island which is located at the tip of Door County in WI. I see Beaver Island is not so far from there. I took a virtual tour of Beaver Island on the net. I can see why you enjoyed it there.
Ya Man!!!
But Evvie, virtual travel is just not quite the same!!! lol Although it is all I can manage at the moment. Beautiful sunset!! Anyone we know???
Welcome Azza!!!
5.05 Not bad for the Hard one! Hi to all from England.
This puzzle was a lot of fun - not too easy and not too hard.
17:06 Beautiful shot of the lake. I am doing this at my cottage, looking out at my peaceful lake.
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