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Hard Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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OOH ! Did it again! ( see tough!)
Responding to the suggestions in the Easy/Med posts of the last two days I
tried to enter MAEN in M-W's online dictionary.TO MY UTTER SURPRISE
Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary

Search results for 'maen':

maen (abbreviation) : morning, More...
Thanks Declan Glynn. Thanks every sudokuist on this site who use MAEN spontaneously. Though I coined it out of sheer laze, not wishing to type out the expansion, it belongs to all of you since it is every user of MAEN who made it popular.
Can anyone please enter it in Google or Wikipedia because I do know how to?
Our island beach does not look like this. There are ice blocks on ours.
all beach today!
6:54 and 6 degrees C
Quite easy today
Forgot to set timer - but who cares? I'm just happy to see such a beautiful beach! Perfect choice for the Day!
13:36 ok no guessing
nice empty beach. Had to guess once, as I was stuck and wanted to finish before the little ones needed breakfast.
8.28 - Gath really did choose these pics for the Australia Day party!
Happy Australia Day

Have a great day. I'm going to be on a beach much like this one :)
13:08 another lovely beach scene.
17:59 got stymied once but then the brain kicked in, I fear a tad too late ... another very nice beach! Have a wonderful day everyone!
It's not easy to solve it.
5:14 - very easy this morning! Love this beach!
11:35; not too bad for Hard. Volunteer's here, so I have to look like I'm working now. She leaves in 4 hours and then I'll see you all at the Tough.
kids very excited this morning -- it was snowing. I was happier to see a picture of a nice, warm beach. Brrr! I hate being cold.
10:36. Stuck briefly. Now I have to leave the beach and return to the real world.
Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec Cathy, Kat, seulement il va falloir attendre pour nous, la température à 16 heures 30 est de seulement 2 degrés
I want to be on that beach.
10.37 ... I agree with Nickie, sitting on that beach with a cool beverage would be great!
8:53 while eating lunch
always love the beach scenes!

To: Wemaaq From AK - do you ever find Japanese fishing floats (one of my obsessions)?
i was sure i did game Hard earlier but i didnt comment
getting older and forgetful
did the puzzle and it didnt seem any easier if it was second time
14:49 Not as good as others but took less time on hard than I did medium. Go figure.
Just over seven minutes; four for setup, three to solve.

Beautiful beach, gorgeous. Wish I were there - with a laptop, a satellite uplink, and a cold, cold beverage (assuming it is warm there!).
bonsoir Guy ici, quatre heures plus tard :O°!
Hello Amélie I read your comments of yesterday.So I can speak french with you! Je ne connais pas le domaine dont vous me parlez ! Ma grand mère s'appelait Verrier et mes arrières grand parents habitaient déjà Autun! Mais moi je n'y suis allée qu'une More...
great beach...but ours are pretty nice and sunny too (72 today) for the northern hemisphere in January!
Easy Easy Easy... this is so fun
I am really enjoying this website and am pleased not to have seen a picture of a pet today, at least until this point.
Sunny beach, hopefully it will be that way on President's Holiday out at the end of Washington State Cape Alava. Last year there was ice on the beach at this time.
By the look of the tyre marks on the beach, is this Fraser Island? Or somewhere north of Noosa where they drive on the beach? Love to know where the piccy is! Time to party!
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