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Hard Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Goos MAEN.
Good MAEN to all today - great picture - Wonderful subjest. Are these pictures all 'Vacation Shots' today.
is 7:47 average for hard?
Good MAEN Wemaaq and all.
9:27 - my first under 10 for a hard I think.....
Either way I'm a very happy girl!!!
Good Maen to you too. Slow. Nice pic.
7:08 using poss. with ARP checked and AIM not checked
Pleased to see you are using the same setup as me - I have been quietly noting your times as they tend to be similar to mine ( though not always). Nice to know we are working within the same parameters.
Good MAEN, everyone. Great Lady.

5:47 minutes. Seems like everywhere I looked there was a singleton 9 or 3 to smooth the way.
verry nice one
Hi PJ/Perth,

Finally a response. Had a trip down your way for the Millenium. Went to the Tall Trees about an hour S'th. of Perth. Assuming you're in Perth, WA. Had a great time.
What was I thinking. It took a day and a bit to get there. Was worth it though.
Yes in WA. south west is my favourite part, though I haven't been north much. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Never mind the long wait for a response, I found I had to make a few comments (as opposed to just posting times) before I got an individual response. Shyness just doesn' cut it here it seems!
Relatively easy puzzle for hard...everything seemed to fall into place after a few initial moves...

I'm inspired by the picture of Lady Liberty.

Straight and easy
what is the gift from France and the icon of New York?
to PJ of perth
come north mate! its way warmer up here and coral bay is a hop skip and a jump away! you can also catch a chopper ride for a days diving at the abrolhos islands- nice- or dive on the tomy (sunken ship) but the trees down south are pretty good too I have to admit.. What about you anne from albany - have you ventured north??
4:50 today, I thought it was a little easier than normal
3:45 - why so easy today? Good MAEN, all. Great picture of Lady Liberty!
I have been to Paris twice, and have yet to see the miniature of Lady Liberty. Can anyone post a picture of that?

Here I grew up in New York City, and now live in New Jersey, and have only been to the Statue of Liberty once. You can't climb up to the crown anymore, and the hand was closed down when I was there in the late 1980's.
13:38 Temporary brain freeze on this one, but fun anyway. Nice going, PJ from Perth!
forgot the timer
7:14. I'm glad we visited the Statue when we could still climb all those stairs to the crown.
Hugh--I haven't been commenting for all that long. Sometimes I get responses and sometimes not. But it's not at all personal--I think you just have to either say something that strikes a chord with others (there are so very many comments) or directly address someone individually. Most folks More...
like Stonehenge and the Coliseum, a landmark everyone recognizes. Now Catherine needs to post one of the Eiffel Tower!
by the way lizbaby4, I grew up in Brooklyn NY and never visited Lady Liberty either. Now I live near Washington DC and the only time I go visitng the museums and famous stuff is when I have an out of town visitor. You kind of blow it off when you live near it, and say 'oh, I'll get to it sometime!' Never saw the twin towers either, now it's too late.
Anne--where in VT? I had an inn near Mt. Snow. Did you get to Edinburgh in Scotland?
Fair enough. Shame you missed Glasgow though. It's not really the mean city of the Taggert theme tune. Although, like most cities, it has its moments.
Aha! That looks like a cat she's holding up!
8:20... Beautiful Lady Liberty!!
Glasgow will be next time perhaps. We only spent a few days there (whirlwind tour), but enough time to see a bit of Edinburgh and (equally to my liking) tromp about the countryside.
Southern part--not terribly far from Mt. Snow. Then again, in VT nothing is all that far! Went to an art show on Mt. Snow once... Must run now, tho. Perhaps we'll chat another time!
I am in awe of the hard sudokuists who can traipse through this puzzle quickly. I need a few minutes to get it started, and find a few squares pretty easily. Then it's on to pairs, triplets, and some infrequent stochastic shots. I end up taking it slowly, but eventually 'getting' it. Great picture of Lady Liberty! Merci beaucoup a mes amis francais.
11:14 I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to take it slow at first.
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