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Hard Sudoku for 28/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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8:10. Good Maen -- especially to Caroline from NYC!
Too bed
5.17. Great photo! Who can tell us what bird this is?
Puffed up feller! This was on the easy side--lots of pairs/trios. Easy elimination, then just a rote completion.
9:33 incl. a few set-up errors
Maen all
bird type???
It's a pelican! Tough it looks like the wind is cold - por fellow!
read 'poor fellow' DOH!
and 'though' ( it's geeting late here...)
5:19 low for me for Hard. Was this extra easy?

Like the picture. Is that a pelican? Looks a bit like one, but not quite. Or maybe it's the angle.
Cold bird?
10:45 Hi to all.

Fact/Fiction of the Day:

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.
I don't think it is a pelican. It's more like a booby.
a beaky seagull!?
No timer...too many interruptions! Maen all!
It was a good puzzle today. Required good amount of thinking as the logic of exclusion was somewhat involved or I might not have been very attentive.
7'59. G'Maen, all. Pinocchio?
Too easy for hard. I did not even get to my 'second' step, all just easy eliminations. (I firmly believe it was not 'me')
Cool picture. It makes me realise that I know so little about the world out there. It looks like nothing I have seen in these parts, except the obvious.
Forgot the timer - but this is NOT a pelican.
It's a great bird, whatever it is. Happy mAen, all.
I think its a baby pelican.
Looks like an Australian Pelican. We have two species in the US and this bird is neither of them. I think that the Australian Pelican is supposed to have the longest bill of any bird in the world. Perhaps the Aussies out there can confirm this.
maen all! i found this fairly difficult until i got my 1's and 2's running. definitely a pelican but not from north america. we only have brown and pure white ones. they don't naturally cross-breed. later, deltz
19:08. That's not a pelican? Odd.

Pups are doing great. Thank all of you for the name suggestions. I can't wait to put the new ones on the website. I had NO idea there were that many
Like this photo. :)
It's a bird...that's plain to see.
13:20. Happy maeN
8:38 Judith from Wisconsin is correct. It is an Australian Pelican. There are quite a few of these birds in this area and I regularly get to see one or two in nearby Hyude Park (the Perth one, not the less famous London one) where I walk each morning. Congrats Judith - well spotted!
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