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Hard Sudoku for 29/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Forgot to set the timer, but it wasn't a difficult one. I think that's the Yugoslavian flag flying, so I'm presuming the ferry's from that part of the world somewhere.
29/Dec/07 12:22 AM
everyone we can see it's a boat but whats it used for maybe it's a passenger ferry .
29/Dec/07 12:46 AM
Hi to all
29/Dec/07 1:11 AM
Looks hazy, but at least 2 people on board seem to have found something to look at.

I wonder if we take pleasure in doing Sudoku puzzles because it gives us a feeling of being in control? I sure don't feel that way after reading today's headlines about the assassination of Bhutto. My More...
29/Dec/07 1:47 AM
8:09 Good maen everyone.
29/Dec/07 1:48 AM
Chris, those are nice thoughts. Have a Happy New Year everyone!
29/Dec/07 3:12 AM
29/Dec/07 4:08 AM
It looks like a photo of a ferry flying the flag of Yugoslavia (?)
29/Dec/07 5:24 AM
I, too, am saddened by the news from South Asia. My condolences to the Bhutto family and all the people of Pakistan- with the exception of the butchers who planned her killing. May they feel the wrath of the people.
To modify the quote attributed to Japanese Admiral Yamamoto: "I believe all they have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
29/Dec/07 6:29 AM
Good maeN!
Ian, Yugoslavia? I thought it was Holland.
29/Dec/07 6:38 AM
boat swana anyone?
29/Dec/07 7:45 AM
5.34 on a ship to where
29/Dec/07 9:10 AM
9:04 Hi to all.
29/Dec/07 9:52 AM
Thanks, Chris, for sharing real feelings. I met a lovely young man from Vienna while laid over in Denver getting hom at Thanksgiving, living in U.S. for 6 mos. Asked what he learned about us living here which most surprised him. He said (and this is a brilliant Cambridge-educated lad, mind you!) it More...
29/Dec/07 11:41 AM
Can't think of any country in the world which has a national flag of blue over white over red (the Dutch one is the other way round). Perhaps it is a provincial or even a company flag with the other (less clear) one being the national flag.
29/Dec/07 12:02 PM
Good thoughts Chris
29/Dec/07 1:23 PM
6.12 Many good thoughts here today. Maybe between we Sudokuists we can spread a little good cheer throughout the world.
Let us unite!

And may 2008 bring about world peace.
I live in hope.
29/Dec/07 2:25 PM
I want one
29/Dec/07 7:01 PM
Roger, Yugoslavia, see
29/Dec/07 11:30 PM
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