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Hard Sudoku for 3/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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9:29 Hi to all.
03/Jan/08 12:21 AM
Nice view.
Good mAen to everyone.
03/Jan/08 12:27 AM
A hazy tree. I still have a real ability gap between 'Hard' and "Tough' ... Hard is 'easy' ... once possibilities inserted doing the obvious as I go, then fill in the ones with only one possibility and it flows to complete, no other thinking required. On Tough ... I always get stuck with locked pairs and triples with only twenty-something spaces to fill trying out scenarios ...
03/Jan/08 12:30 AM
Good Maen everyone - It is nice to see "green"! It is pretty white here!
03/Jan/08 1:02 AM
03/Jan/08 1:05 AM
6.49...pretty white???? its just white and ccccoooolllllldddddddd here
03/Jan/08 2:05 AM
Have a great day/night everyone, and for those who live around here, stay warm!
03/Jan/08 2:17 AM
03/Jan/08 2:56 AM
8:42 Maen, all
03/Jan/08 3:04 AM
maen all! the mighty cypress even more bug and rot resistant than teak or redwood. at one time it was the only lumber allowed for house building in florida. now the termite people are cleaning-up from the use of other timber.
03/Jan/08 3:44 AM
6:18. I'm with you Kate - hard's easy while tough's, well, tough (most of the time.)
03/Jan/08 8:49 AM
Me too! Kate and Chris.
I usually just give up on tough, tick to disallow incorrect moves, and cheat.
03/Jan/08 9:17 AM
Same for me. I have pretty much given up on the toughs, since I can't seem to finish without at least one guess. There is a monumental leap between hard and tough for me, too.
03/Jan/08 9:25 AM
5.27 bit fuzzy but looks fantastic
03/Jan/08 9:35 AM
A question for those struggling with the "toughs": do you fill in all of the possibilities before you begin? Looking at that full grid would totally overwhelm me. If that's the case, after UP's, try placing the possibilities in one row or column at a time. Then, "solve" or "reduce" that row or column, if possible, before you proceed. It works for me. Good luck!
03/Jan/08 9:56 AM
Kate, I didn't even understand your explanation after the word 'tough'!
03/Jan/08 10:43 AM
Kate - I agree. I always do the hard ones without putting in the possibilities - makes the hard just a lille more challenging
03/Jan/08 12:16 PM
Judy, i tried your tip - it did help me today so thanks! I think perhaps todays's tough is relatively easy, however, so I'll have to try it again when it is a little more difficult....
03/Jan/08 12:44 PM
If'n y'all wanna see a baldcypress that ain't quite sah blurry, check out my sudoku photo gallery. I dun posted a few pics from mah October canoe trip thru Loxahatchee River Swamp. There's a couple of blurry pics of cypress, but I was in a moving canoe, and was really tryin tah git a pic of the More...
03/Jan/08 1:17 PM
Roger - get out while you are still ahead....
I'm with you Kate - use the same method of attack and end up with the same state of confusion with all the possibilities.
I do recall feeling a bit that way with hard a long time ago so I think there is hope for me. More...
03/Jan/08 3:05 PM
Thought i was the only one struggling here...
03/Jan/08 4:57 PM
12.40 Thought I was doing ok on the first sweep of the grid then fell in a screaming heap!
03/Jan/08 10:14 PM
This was an easy hard for me....maybe I just had enough coffee!
03/Jan/08 11:03 PM
04/Jan/08 12:28 AM
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