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Hard Sudoku for 3/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Up close and personal with a beaver. Hmmm.
03/Nov/07 12:33 AM
Aw-w ... Hal ...
03/Nov/07 2:13 AM
5:20. Looks like that beaver is getting mad!
03/Nov/07 2:29 AM
Aieee - I don't think I'd like to be that close to his teeth should he decide I was a tasty stick.
03/Nov/07 2:32 AM

"Don't tell me to smile! Just back off with that camera, lady!!"
03/Nov/07 2:40 AM
There is a glass window between me and the beaver in his lodge. The other beavers were sleeping, but this one was awake and acting annoyed with my photo session. I presumed it was a one-way window, but evidently it wasn't. The beaver exhibit is at the desert museum in Tucson, showing the variety More...
03/Nov/07 2:54 AM
12:07 with help from the possibilities option
03/Nov/07 3:06 AM
Hal, with a comment like that at the top of the page, yet ...
Nice work on that close-up, Wilodene.
03/Nov/07 3:16 AM
Hello to all!
DAVE: I hear you!!
Some personal comments on "Easy" & "Medium" if you care to share.
Take Care,
03/Nov/07 3:24 AM
HalT - My thoughts exactly! I think Beavers can be very mean. Great photography Wilodene!

Wilodene - It sound like a very interesting place to visit.
03/Nov/07 4:54 AM
maen all! it's nice to see the beaver has made a remarkable comeback in the wild. now it has gotten to be a nuisance around low-lying areas throughout the northeast and other areas i assume. i love when they slap their tails on the water to scare dogs and other would-be predators. believe me it works. as loud as a gun shot at times.
03/Nov/07 5:33 AM
03/Nov/07 5:45 AM
Exactly what I was trying to say, Debby. ;-)
03/Nov/07 5:55 AM
Hi Wilodene!!
Great photo AND congrats!!!! This is first photo that I just can't come up with ANYTHING!!
JAFFY must say: "When it comes to caption a BEAVER photo... I'm just STUMPED!"
Take Care
03/Nov/07 6:17 AM
That problem GNAWED at me too.
03/Nov/07 6:56 AM
Oregon State BEAVERS head south to take on the USC TROJANS tomorrow. Beaves have one road victory this year - against the Cal BEARS. Last week they took down that CARDINAL - gnawd right through the Tree (mascot). It was Stanford that defeated those Trojan Condoms.

GO BEAVES - BEAT SC Gnaw right through the condom of those Spoiled Children.
03/Nov/07 7:34 AM
03/Nov/07 8:01 AM
9:12 Hi to all. Good photo Wilodene
03/Nov/07 8:04 AM
In Pac 10 Football - it is said - "On any given day a team can be another team in the conference."

We have a tendency to beat up on each other pretty bad. Example: UCLA should have beaten WASU last week. Cal should have beaten the Beavers & there was no way Stanford should More...
03/Nov/07 8:25 AM
5:19. Hi all, an interesting "up close and personal" photo Wilodene.
03/Nov/07 9:48 AM
Hello all in Sudokuland.

Poor thing looks more frightened than angry.

Have a great weekend.
03/Nov/07 10:19 AM
Good one Halt! And thanks for the earflier comment!
On second thought the beav seems to be saying:
"Hey YOU with the camera! Mind your OWN DAM business!!!
03/Nov/07 10:58 AM
My pleasure, Jaffy. And remember: Keep all the leaks plugged. (By the way, what's an 'earflier' comment?) (-_*) (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
03/Nov/07 12:43 PM
Once again you've given us a great picture Thanks, Wilodene.

03/Nov/07 1:21 PM
8.23 Incredible Wilodene. I love wildlife.
03/Nov/07 6:32 PM
leaf it to beaver.
03/Nov/07 9:18 PM
Maen! 5:37 A beaver shot in a family forum. Tsk, tsk.
03/Nov/07 11:16 PM
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