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Hard Sudoku for 30/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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It sure is! Lovely photo.
30/May/08 12:06 AM
There are just a few left in the US.
30/May/08 12:08 AM
3:52 Maen! Wind power!
30/May/08 12:13 AM
My husband has a friend who collects windmills! Real ones. They are impressive! Thanks for the picture!
30/May/08 12:53 AM
Spectacular photo!
30/May/08 12:54 AM
11:49 Slow today. Hi to all.
30/May/08 1:06 AM
9:20 to you all.
30/May/08 1:18 AM

When my father and sister and I would drive up to my grandparent's place in the foothills above Pearblossom, CA in the 1950s we would vie to be the first to spy their windmill as we approached up the windy high dessert road. I was truly heartbroken when it was dismantled in favor of an electric pump in 1960.
30/May/08 1:41 AM
Wow! Great picture!!
30/May/08 2:38 AM
maen all! lord only knows how many of these i've rebuilt and also dismantled in the high plains years ago. they're making a good comeback in the past 15 years,though. oil wells, as well.
30/May/08 3:12 AM
Eric - and now they want to go back to windmills!
Days of future past!
30/May/08 3:26 AM
I'd love to have one. They need to make a comeback what with fuel prices and record electric consumption. They couldn't go everywhere, but they can go lots of places. Every little bit adds up.
30/May/08 3:27 AM
The modern "windmill farms" aren't nearly as picturesque. Probably more efficient, though.
30/May/08 3:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! Gosh, you Aussies have roulette wheels in the sky?
30/May/08 4:32 AM
12:48, slow but with no possibilities.
30/May/08 6:23 AM
Wonderful photo!
30/May/08 7:29 AM
I love the old windmills. I don't know if the new ones are more efficient. The old windmills used to turn literally on a breath of wind. Close my eyes & I can hear the gentle rattle that was always there. There I have gone all warm & mushy! That is more than a good photo, it is a great one! It evolves emotion in the viewer.(This one anyway!)
30/May/08 8:25 AM
11.06 lovely photo.
30/May/08 4:16 PM
Worked on it off and on all day
but did it !!!!
30/May/08 8:17 PM
Elsie I knew you would get it . I love the sight of these windmills great photo.
30/May/08 9:24 PM
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