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Hard Sudoku for 4/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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What a lovely photo. Well done to the photographer.
04/Apr/08 12:17 AM
Oh! Great photo! If Anne says it's good, it's GOOD!
04/Apr/08 12:22 AM
Oh how pretty. The grass looks so green!
04/Apr/08 12:29 AM
NOw that's a great picture. Makes me want to follow that road.
04/Apr/08 12:47 AM
A beautifully composed photo.
04/Apr/08 12:51 AM
Maen all - What an evocative picture - really captures the brooding mood of the place!
04/Apr/08 2:00 AM
4:32 Maen! Very nice photo, well framed. Great job!
04/Apr/08 2:18 AM
More applause to the photographer--a great shot, and a location that really draws me in.
04/Apr/08 3:08 AM
Thank you all for the compliments. It was an interesting place to visit.
04/Apr/08 4:17 AM
I agree. Worth the time it took me, and I am SLOW.
04/Apr/08 4:18 AM

Great photo, June - thanks!

04/Apr/08 4:54 AM
June - that is a great photo.
04/Apr/08 5:25 AM
Does the brick road lead to Oz, June?
04/Apr/08 6:05 AM
maen all! nice and peaceful...reminds me of the cloisters across the river from here.
04/Apr/08 6:15 AM
Good afternoon to all! It must have been a nice place to visit June. Thanks for sharing!
04/Apr/08 6:38 AM
8:24 to you all.
04/Apr/08 6:39 AM
Nice photo, June.
04/Apr/08 7:33 AM
Mr. Google tells me it was built around 1300 and is still used today for state occasions.
Wonderful, June!
If I ever get to Norway.....
04/Apr/08 8:04 AM
4.21 wonderful photo June
04/Apr/08 8:54 AM
Nice place to hide from the snow, rain or sun! Lovely pic June.
Almost supertime for us here...Good evening to all!
04/Apr/08 9:21 AM
Wonderful, thanks June. Do you think it might be mine as well!!! Impossible I've never been to Norway, one day maybe!!!!!???????
04/Apr/08 9:27 AM
Wasn't there a long story told about this pic once? And where is our yarn meister these days?
04/Apr/08 11:48 AM
And all of the above from me also June!!
04/Apr/08 12:05 PM
Terry,The pic has been on jigsaw once but the first time on sudoku puzzles.
04/Apr/08 1:15 PM
Now that is what I call being well rewarded at the end of the puzzle.
Thank you June...when were you there?
Thnak you Eric for the link...so many places in the world to see...so little time [and money]
04/Apr/08 2:04 PM
This puzzle was a bit easier today and thanks for the great photo June.
04/Apr/08 2:58 PM
Nicely framed photo. Looking forward to going there in September.
04/Apr/08 3:36 PM
About the same time as tough.
Thank you June, great shot.
04/Apr/08 9:47 PM
15/Sep/09 11:51 PM
15/Sep/09 11:52 PM
15/Sep/09 11:53 PM
15/Sep/09 11:54 PM
15/Sep/09 11:57 PM
15/Sep/09 11:57 PM
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