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Hard Sudoku for 5/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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6:01. Hello Smokey.

Good night all.
05/Nov/07 12:24 AM
mAen! 5:08 A nice portrait, the cat's all shiny as well :-)
05/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Aptly named cat. 12.33
05/Nov/07 2:20 AM
Smokey is our guest tonight on Sudoku land.Welcome smokey as a friend to all Sudoku members.
Nice mAen to all of you.
05/Nov/07 2:41 AM
Hello all. First time to leave message here.
05/Nov/07 2:45 AM
10:09 Hi to all, and hello to blue/Hongkong. Lovely cat.
05/Nov/07 3:09 AM

My Smokey has no white, just grey tiger stripes in two shades of grey and round spots on his back hips. If I had noticed those first he might have been named YinYang or something related to sun and moon, but when trying to name outdoor strays you use something that you spot quickly. That's More...
05/Nov/07 3:45 AM
6:08 - Pretty kitty. Looks like a Maine Coon Cat.
05/Nov/07 4:24 AM
05/Nov/07 4:29 AM
Hi there Blue. Good maEn.
05/Nov/07 4:36 AM
Good afternoon to all, and Meow!
05/Nov/07 5:13 AM
My neighbor's Smokey would love this one. He's a chocolate lab, his mom's a fire fighter, maybe that's why their "smokey" is brown. ♥♥♥Welcome blue/Hongkong
05/Nov/07 5:23 AM
Hello Smokey!
05/Nov/07 5:33 AM
Smokey looks purr-fect! He looks like my daughter's cat, Emmo.

Hi blue from HongKong! Welcome aboard
05/Nov/07 6:04 AM
05/Nov/07 7:51 AM
By any chance would that be a Maine Coon kitty? Looks kind of like one but I'm far from expert.
05/Nov/07 8:21 AM
OK you mice & rats - Smokey is going to be the new sheriff in town!!
05/Nov/07 8:25 AM
6.39 Hi smokey
05/Nov/07 9:35 AM
Looks abit like one of my cats...apart from it probably doesn't have bits of its fur lying all over the floor from when my other cat attacked it!
05/Nov/07 10:07 AM
Hello Blue!!
05/Nov/07 11:34 AM
Jeanine, you should be a professional pet photographer. Beautiful photo and cat.
05/Nov/07 12:04 PM
Maen. 8.30. Hi Smokey.
05/Nov/07 1:59 PM
6.29 Gday Smokey. Who's a beautiful looking puddytat then? I agree, Smokey does look like a Maine Coon.
Gday to you Blue/HK and
05/Nov/07 2:41 PM
Bue/HK. Join in and enjoy.

From one who's not real partial to cats; that is a beautiful cat.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
05/Nov/07 4:26 PM
10:08 Wadgy!! I prefer your pyramids and boats at Aswan, your gold and temples. Cats no matter how beautiful and loved are a nono on the sudoku site! You know that they have actually been banned from the land of Twinkle!
05/Nov/07 7:23 PM
8:55 with help from the possbilities option
05/Nov/07 8:33 PM
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