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Hard Sudoku for 5/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Chicks on June 23. Think I'll save tough for work. Have a g'day.
05/Mar/08 12:30 AM
Fast puzzle.
I only see four. One must be tucked in!
05/Mar/08 12:31 AM
8:01 Hi to all. Sweet photo.
05/Mar/08 1:26 AM
7:33 to you all.
05/Mar/08 2:07 AM
I don't know about anyone else, but I had a tough time with this puzzle, going into double digits to finish.

I am with you Shiela, I only see 4 birdies. Maybe the 5th one is camera shy or sleeping, it looks like quite the comfy, cosy nest.

Have a wonderful day!
Aimee :-)
05/Mar/08 2:39 AM
4:06 Maen! I can almost hear the cheeps! :)
05/Mar/08 2:40 AM

One of these birdies is bashful! Are those his/her tail feathers sticking up?
05/Mar/08 2:43 AM
Awwwwhhhhh! Could that be a 5th beak on the far right hand side?
05/Mar/08 3:03 AM

A delightful sign of spring! Besides the location of the fifth bird, can the photographer tell us what kind of birds they are, and is their home nestled against your home?
05/Mar/08 3:10 AM
They are Welcome Swallows. Used to nest under our front verandah where I grew up. Always made a mess but we cleaned it up when the babies had left.
05/Mar/08 4:15 AM
Not my photo but have seen it before.
05/Mar/08 4:16 AM
Good afternoon to all! I agree with André, a very tweet photo!
05/Mar/08 5:26 AM
cheep, cheep. The birds are back in Florida. I have a bird book in the truck for the ones I can not identify. 83, warm and windy today.
05/Mar/08 6:05 AM
The birds are beginning to nest here in Kansas. They sure do make a mess
05/Mar/08 7:35 AM
6.26 looks like 4 heads and a tail ... does that make 5?
05/Mar/08 9:18 AM
05/Mar/08 10:24 AM
I am relieved to say I found this puzzle easy after falling asleep every time I attempted hard yesterday. I suspect yesterdays wasn't at all hard and it was just my narcolepsy that made it appear so!!! [I hope]
We used to have swallows nest in the concrete culverts on the farm More...
05/Mar/08 12:13 PM
There might one behind the second from the right, in the middle - looks like a beak!
05/Mar/08 12:37 PM
Maen all. 11.28
05/Mar/08 1:33 PM
7.36 I even surprised my self.
05/Mar/08 4:16 PM
These cute fellas look like they are waiting for Mommy to come feed them! Love the picture!
05/Mar/08 4:33 PM
12:11 Well I thought that went pretty jolly quick... but the clock may indicate differently. Da boidies are pretty jolly cute... though those cleaning up the mess may think differently.
Kathy and Rose you are right - 4 heads and a tail. "Sweety, Tweety, Flitter,Twitter & Moon"
05/Mar/08 7:44 PM
Thanks June for the photo.
05/Mar/08 7:45 PM
I forgot the timer, but it wasn't quick. Hi all, and a lovely photo tonight (and I think it's even a new one.)
05/Mar/08 8:28 PM
That's a cheep cheep shot!
05/Mar/08 10:21 PM
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