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Hard Sudoku for 5/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi Everyone,

I have added a new section to the site 'Clips'.

Instead of submitting a page request, you can now add a page about anything you want automatically. You can also add YouTube videos and Flash games.

I have also updated the More...
04/May/07 5:39 PM
6:49?! Maen! Is that clock moving too fast today?!?!? :) Jordyn certainly does love that blush, doesn't she?
05/May/07 12:14 AM
Hi Jordyn.
You are cute lovely girl.Enjoy Your life.
Nice maEn to everyone.
05/May/07 1:03 AM
good morning little jordyn. i'll bet your full of it! cute
05/May/07 2:07 AM
I like blush too Good mAen!
05/May/07 3:29 AM
Cute girl, but what is Blush? Around here it is wine?
05/May/07 4:05 AM
Jordyn, you are learning to contour your face with blush! Have fun - you could become a makeup artist!
05/May/07 4:11 AM
What a little cutie! Little girls usually do love to play with makeup.
05/May/07 5:40 AM
Jordyn is a sweetheart. In time, she'll learn that less is more. Happy weekend, everyone!
05/May/07 5:43 AM
oh kids DO luv makeup. Even little boys can tear through your stuff in no time. I remember when my son was little he destroyed a tube of my favorite lipstick which cost $20. It was also a discontinued shade and I couldnt get another. Kids WILL be kids. ;o)
05/May/07 6:00 AM
10:26 Hi to all and have a good weekend. What beautiful coloured hair.
05/May/07 7:46 AM
cute, very cute. little girls love make up.
05/May/07 9:26 AM
Jordan! Less is more!!
05/May/07 10:38 AM
absolutely priceless photo! What's next, Jordyn? How about you and your friends all made up?
05/May/07 2:11 PM
As my Mum said to me when I was 14 and trying out makeup... Do you want people to notice your make-up? 'Of course!' I retorted. 'Well then you've lost the art of make-up darling- It's there to enhance rather than cover your beauty!'

Enjoy Jordyn!!
05/May/07 8:53 PM
Hello Jordyn - Nothing like a little make-up! You are a pretty girl!
05/May/07 9:11 PM
mAen! 7:32. Oh! Ten years from now she may not appreciate this photo. Add another 15 years and she will understand why it HAD to be taken.
05/May/07 9:16 PM
Well at least it washes off! Just wait till shes 15 years older and comes home with a permanent tattoo....
05/May/07 9:20 PM
Didn't do this yesterday. Going to do it now
05/May/07 11:47 PM
Some people like makeup and some people don't
06/May/07 12:05 AM
tooooo easy
06/May/07 12:40 AM
19/Aug/07 7:51 PM
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