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Hard Sudoku for 6/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I don't know if this is mine or one of the other's photos but it hasn't reduced too well so it must be mine.
06/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Good Maen. What is a freo gathering?
06/Apr/07 12:15 AM
Marty from Tampa - this was a sudoku gathering in Fremantle, the port city of Perth, Western Australia, which took place in November last year.
And a lovely time was had by all.
06/Apr/07 12:26 AM
Easy puzzle today; no possibilities needed!
06/Apr/07 12:31 AM
Wow! you guys and gals from Oz are sure skinny But who is who.. need a program to know the players.
06/Apr/07 12:31 AM
06/Apr/07 12:31 AM
from back left:
Dave, Billy, GrannieMo & Steve, Anne, Peter (Rola's husband), Mark (Mel's husband), Mel with Charlie, Rola standing in front of Peter, with Liz seated.
06/Apr/07 12:35 AM
From left to right....Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Sneezy, Doc, Moe, Larry, Dasher, Dancer, Tinker, Evans
06/Apr/07 12:35 AM
Anne - I'm either very drunk right now or the pic,like you say, hasn't 'reduced too well'.
Mind you, I hadn't solved a hard one in ages, only a couple of stumbles and bobs your uncle...in no time at all. Nite all.x
06/Apr/07 12:38 AM
Nice to see fellow sudokuists, would also like to have names to put to the faces of our on site friends
06/Apr/07 12:48 AM
Must be a family get together. We have a large family here and all over the US. Seems like we get together a least once a month.
06/Apr/07 12:48 AM
Thanks Anne, you answered my request while I was still busy typing it!
06/Apr/07 12:49 AM
Looks like a party waiting to start!
06/Apr/07 12:50 AM
Looks like a party winding down!
06/Apr/07 1:01 AM
Hello fellow Sudokists. It is nice to put faces to your names! Great Picture!
06/Apr/07 1:10 AM
A handsome and intelligent-looking group.

Today's puzzle was much easier for me than yesterday's.
06/Apr/07 2:20 AM
Hey all I was there as they say. It was a great day. Our last in Australia last November. Plenty of chat, plenty to eat and we still caught the afternoon flight to Bali. Still dressed as in photo and guess what?.....we got upgraded. Qantas recognise class when they see it!
06/Apr/07 2:45 AM
06/Apr/07 2:57 AM
Good afternoon to all! Some familiar faces!

Cami (Los Angeles): Handsome looking, yes, but intelligent??? You may be stretching the flattery a little bit!
06/Apr/07 3:05 AM
Nice to meet some of the puzzlers. (And isn't that a bar in the background?)
06/Apr/07 3:23 AM
how big is Ontario Greg?
is there a party in the making?
mAen all
06/Apr/07 3:25 AM
06/Apr/07 3:53 AM
Cathy we met at 09.30 hrs. Anne had driven up from Albany the night before and Steve and I were going on to Bali that afternoon.
It was great to meet the western Australia sudokuists and receive such a friendly welcome and warm hospitality. We are planning and looking forward to going back as soon as possible.
06/Apr/07 3:59 AM
9.24 with a visitor
06/Apr/07 4:04 AM
Cami you are spot (don't listen to CG), we are all incredibly intelligent.

Chris - it was breakfast, although now you come to mention it...Mo, why didn't we have champers? ..next time.

and Mo, you sure you weren't wearing a tiara at check-in time? That would certainly have accounted for your upgrade.
06/Apr/07 8:36 AM
Anne, love your photo - it really is a very flattering image of us all!!
06/Apr/07 9:30 AM
the WA branch of sudoku annonymous with a couple of ring-ins from france ........
great photo
06/Apr/07 9:58 AM
Woo Hoo .... A possibility of having a sudoku party in Ontario.. I will be there with my lumberjack jacket, a bottle of molson canadian, and I would love to see those pretty ballet dancers on those tables again. Sounds like a party eh? When is it.
06/Apr/07 11:52 AM
Anne, Thanks for the reply.
06/Apr/07 12:00 PM
6:19; nice warm picture,everyone looks friendly.
06/Apr/07 12:35 PM
6:06 great to put some faces to names.
06/Apr/07 2:29 PM
Billy, thank you (I think). I assume 'spot' is a compliment, but it's something I've not been called before today. :)
06/Apr/07 3:58 PM
Came from Los Angeles - by 'spot' Billy means that you are 'spot on' meaning that you are 'quite correct' in saying that we all look like an intelligent looking group!!!
06/Apr/07 4:07 PM
Sorry, that should of course have read
Cami, not Came. my apologies.
06/Apr/07 4:08 PM
Cami, I'm in LA too.
Re picture, I didn't know you guys actually met up. I thought you only had imaginary cruises and vacations and such.
06/Apr/07 6:13 PM
Great to see a photo of the Fremantle get together, I know from the comments a fun group.
06/Apr/07 7:24 PM
Serendipity!!! I haven't done a hard puzzle for ages as it takes too long and there was the photo of the Freo gathering which I'd been meaning to ask how it had gone. Thanks for that Anne! Even managed it put it into a Word document and append the names as well, such computer skills - raspberry noise here. Wasn't able to get there as we were in the midst of harvest another time hopefully.
06/Apr/07 9:54 PM
Hello George - from the famous Field Day area.
It was a shame that you couldn't make it to the Freo gathering as it was fun and we all felt as if we'd known each other for years. I've never seen you comment on here before but you've obviously been coming on here for a long time by the sound of it. Perhaps if we have another get together we'll see you there.
06/Apr/07 11:08 PM
George, I haven't got my atlas here but I'm assuming that Dowerin is somewhere in the South West corner of Western Australia. Was it wheat you harvested?
06/Apr/07 11:28 PM
9:52 Hi to all. Wonderful shot of everyone x
07/Apr/07 12:54 AM
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