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Hard Sudoku for 6/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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MEAN to all @sudoku
19:02 Are there Parrots in the wild in Florida?
At least I'm second here. Good maeN Jax from Brussels
4:35 Maen
Well Done nice birds
Pretty bird!
9.20 faster than medium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not even close to 5 minutes, but seemed like an easier one for me today.
A fun puzzle and it seemed to flow well, so of course, I neglected to start the timer. Have a great one, all!
very colorful parrots.
Not really, unless they escape from someone.
Silver Springs is a park near Ocala where the old 50s or 60s TV show Sea Hunt was filmed. Natural clear water springs including deep access to the aquifer and caves.
Good mAen to all! Wildlife reserve and Llyod Bridges in a wetsuit! It was Llyod in Sea Hunt, wasn't it??
Haa...I too have done it!!
6:45. Easier than medium. Nothing like the bluebirds that nest in our roof.
aha 1 of my Silver Springs photos. These macaws hang out in the trees right where you get off one of the boats, they put them up somewhere when the park closes though. We do get wild parrots, Virginia, but they are smaller and just green and travel in flocks - More...
Good mAen. Much easier than medium today.
good maEn to all, and thanks , ramoana for your silver springs album - reflections (39) is the best for me
5:32 Almost didn't see the second one. Thanks for sharing, Ramoana!
Years ago Silver Springs used to have monkeys in the trees on the river as you approached by boat.

My husband went to S.F. two weekends ago to look for the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. He didn't find them, though. Mark Bittner was on his honeymoon and he is the only person who knows where they are on any given day.
I saw parrots like this in Florida but it was at Bush Gardens. They had a great display of many a beautiful bird.
lovely picture ramoana
have a great day/night one and all
saw parrots similar on Margarita island Venezwala (sp)
maEn all
9:13 Beautiful birds. My brother in law and his family live in Silver Springs but I have never been there.
7:16 easy than the medium
yeah, me too missed the second one..thought the blue fella has also got a green feather..lovely whichever way u look at it and thanks for sharing such a delightful pic ramoana..
24.28 By the time I fill out the prob matrix and then work through it my time is sky high. I think I need some more practice!!
5:54 I'm getting better - no cheating!
We have our own feathered types like that here, as well as some great specimens in our zoos. Are these ones in the wild or in a walk-through aviary? G'day. all. :)
17:16 - yo ho ho me 'earties
Did this one with NO HELP! Yay!
bfywi cqxzhw yise xmjwyalf uioy gqjxzlsk deub
23/May/07 4:03 PM
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