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Hard Sudoku for 7/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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You mean I'm the first one here? I guess it pays to be up early!
Good Maen All
Hi! Ro From Michigan
9:47 this was one of the hardest 'hard''s in a while! I just couldn't see it today.
4:30 - cute kitty! Good Maen and hope everyone has a good week ahead!
Maen to all! That cat looks comfortable!
Hi! Just found this site and have been enjoying the pics and comments.
Welcome to you Candy, Enjoy the site
what a cute sleepy kitty!
9:13 - happier with that
Love my sudoku and all the rest of you sudokuholics out there, but I was hoping to deepsix the ads by signing up as a supporting member - but the site looks just the same as before, no change, ads all over - am I missing something?
I was definitely a cat in a previous life. This hard was ok; didn't time myself, but it was all logic, no guesses.
9:34 - not too hard today
What a comfortable position. A comfortable Maen to everyone.

6:01 total minutes, 3:44 to set up and 2:17 to solve. One longish chain and a little one.

JES - did you remember to sign in? I thought the same thing at first!
Cute kitten. Tried the hard one today It took a while but succeeded eventually
DOH! Forgot to set the timer and it was fast too. You all believe me don't you?
8:43 I co do with a nap like that cat! Hi to all

Fact/Fiction of the Day:

Jellyfish have no brains, yet they can tell light from dark, and sense movement.
Forgot the timer, but slow. Several mistakes, although I did realize and fix them without any gimmics. Guess I'm still not quite myself. I don't even know if the hard is worth it today, but I'm off that direction, anyway, since I have a no-show and another half-hour on my hands.
Took me 28:05 and had to guess once between 4/8 pairs. After that lucky guess, all went quickly.
Roger from Wantage I believe you!
It's time for a snooze! Perfect pic.
18:31 all logic.

Bluey and all those that may have wondered (or cared) I left a message without my name because I was so excited!

That kitty almost looks like the one that might have eaten the bird from the other picture. We can only hope! Please no more of that bird and More...
13:04 pretty kitty! Good mAen all!
I believe Roger from Wantage but I don't know why.
I don't believe much else.
10 mins exactly... and Happy Birthday to me. 4 0 and I'll be spending the day just like the rest of them changing nappies and feeding my 4 mth old! (I suppose you can tell that I'm feeling a little sorry for myself).
Happy Birthday ROSE from Sydney. May you have a wonderful & happy day.
Hi everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Rose, please don't feel sorry for yourself, 40 is a good age and you have a beautiful baby too.
Nice Cat if you like Tabbies...
Love the fabric; looks like pretty kitty does too.
Am I missing something, I am stuck at 45 filled with no obvious next move.
I tried it again, made a move I wasn't totally confident in the logic used but it came off.
11.13 very slow
lovely little puddy cat
have a great day/night one and all
Happy Birthday to Rose from Sydney It is a glorious day for it and can only improve for you!! Hope the rest of the day is filled with pleasant surprises and lots of love
Please get the online playable Wordoku up and running quick!! Paper just isn't safe around my 3yr old.
Thanks! You are the Best!!!!!
12:39 Awwww, how cute! My time would've been better had I remembered to put in that last 9. How does an empty square hide in plain sight?????
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rose, we all love you!!!!
6:05 Deal cry the losers!
Happy Birthday Rose.
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