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Hard Sudoku for 7/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Mackinac Island! Went there on my high school Senior class trip. Rather "in my back yard" for a class trip, but a nice backyard!
07/May/08 12:08 AM
What beautiful blue water. Lovely photo, Sue.
07/May/08 12:13 AM
7:24 to you all.

Lovely photo, Sue.
07/May/08 1:11 AM
Oh! Very pretty, Sue! I love to visit Machinaw Island! Thanks.
07/May/08 1:14 AM
After a winter like this one, this picture makes you remember why we live in the north country
07/May/08 1:47 AM
How beautiful! Thanks again, Sue.
07/May/08 1:56 AM
Come on guys, get it together. Is it Machinaw or Mackinac? You are getting us foreigners confused.
07/May/08 2:19 AM
So, I see Sue savors salty seas and sandy shores. Super, Sue! Sail on!
07/May/08 2:20 AM
Roger, it's spelled Mackinac, but pronounced Mackinaw, which makes for much confusion.
07/May/08 3:00 AM
I was confused, Cathy. Not an unusual state for me!
Thanks for the information!
07/May/08 3:05 AM
Thanks Cathy,
We have enough of those 'spelled one way, pronounced another' things over here so I can relate to that explanation.
07/May/08 3:30 AM
Ladies & gents... Let's get it right!
It's Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island!
(But pronounced the same way, just to confuse you!)
07/May/08 3:53 AM
Like many historic places in the Great Lakes region, Mackinac Island's name derives from a Native American language. Native Americans in the Straits of Mackinac region likened the shape of the island to that of a turtle. Therefore, they named it "Mitchimakinak" (Ojibwe mishi-mikinaak) More...
07/May/08 4:06 AM
When I first saw the photo I thought it was one of Anne's, but the banana trees in the foreground are a dead givaway - it can't be Western Australia. Lovely photo Sue
07/May/08 5:33 AM
If those are banana trees, that is NOT Mackinac Island! It's in Northern Michigan. No banana trees there!
07/May/08 7:19 AM
I don't think you can have banana trees in MI.
Is there a sailboat race of that name also?
07/May/08 7:49 AM
Let's put it this way - they look like banana trees, we have had them growing in several of the houses we lived in. In Port Moresby, we used the leaves for the display of food, the locals use them for cooking.
That aside, I think that in one thoughtless sentence above, I have managed to insult many Western Australians. Sorry Anne - and anyone else who feels offended.
07/May/08 8:23 AM
4.44 looks good
07/May/08 9:47 AM
Roger - Sorry to confuse you. We Michiganders are confused also!!!
07/May/08 10:00 AM
Michilimakinac Island is what I call it...lol
07/May/08 11:28 AM
Therre are two sailboat races to Mackinac Island. Chicago to Mackinac Island in Lake Michigan & Port Huron to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron.
07/May/08 12:01 PM
Very pretty Sue, but I wouldn't like the walk back up the hill after my swim!!
07/May/08 1:32 PM
Another great photo Sue very pretty.
07/May/08 5:33 PM
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