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Hard Sudoku for 7/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for stuffing everyone up with all the server resets - but I've just uploaded some new goodies .

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06/Jul/07 4:56 PM
old west frontier village???
07/Jul/07 12:22 AM
1st? Are those horses pulling Budweiser?
07/Jul/07 12:25 AM
Nope, 2nd!
07/Jul/07 12:25 AM
If you guys and ladies liked my soccer video than you will like what I put on this site. Just go to clips and go down to movie trailers and theres ratatouille.
07/Jul/07 12:51 AM
Hmmm. A comment appeared, but no picture!
07/Jul/07 1:04 AM
Main Street Victoria looks like it's out of the past, not taken last year.
07/Jul/07 1:24 AM
Looks like the old west, with fuzzy feet.
07/Jul/07 1:30 AM
Just another simple sudoku today.
07/Jul/07 1:37 AM
6:00. This was quite easy for a 'hard'
07/Jul/07 2:11 AM
This reminds me of some of the 'wild west' towns we have in the California foothills. Our towns have their beginnings in the California Gold Rush.
07/Jul/07 7:29 AM
Actually it's from the old east, a tourist re-enactment of gold rush times at Ballarat in Victoria.
07/Jul/07 7:49 AM
Interesting that Australia has its 'old east' and the U.S. has its 'wild west'. We have re-enactments of our Gold Rush era in California as well. I looked Ballarat up. Am I correct that it is near Melbourne?
07/Jul/07 8:18 AM
think I'll save the tough for tomorrow morning - have a good night. Mary
07/Jul/07 8:31 AM
5.05 woo hoo another photo of mine at Sovereign Hill, gold mining town at Ballarat.
Yes LP
Ballarat is about 100 klms west of Melbourne.
Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and capital of the state of Victoria.
Ballarat was built on the gold rush and is part of the golden More...
07/Jul/07 8:40 AM
Very interest main street.
07/Jul/07 8:59 AM
LP I was taking the mickey out of the 'easteners'.We don't really call it the old east, but it's not the wild west either!
07/Jul/07 9:11 AM
Oops. My ignorance is showing! I can be pretty literal at times.
07/Jul/07 10:11 AM
07/Jul/07 12:47 PM
Great photo Rosemary I will get there one day.
07/Jul/07 1:26 PM
7.19 Love Sovereign Hill, the kids had a hoot panning for gold.
07/Jul/07 3:57 PM
No Happy, not Budweiser, more likely VB or Fosters here in Aus, but in reality they carry tourists. Our girls loved it too, when they were younger, especially dressing up in the old fashioned costumes!
07/Jul/07 9:48 PM
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