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Hard Sudoku for 8/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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"Quit following me with that camera!"
08/Nov/08 1:15 AM
Monarch of the Glen
08/Nov/08 1:31 AM
Before the comment of the picture came up, I thought of Eve! Looks like a regular visitor in her hood!
08/Nov/08 1:44 AM

I am counting 9 points. I've seen plenty of deer in my back yard, but only females. I wonder where the guys hang out?

08/Nov/08 1:52 AM
The boys will be BAAACK
08/Nov/08 2:10 AM
"Hey, Baby ... ca'mon over here. Can't you see that I have really big ... antlers?"
08/Nov/08 2:14 AM
Nice rack.
08/Nov/08 2:16 AM
I also count nine points. Math is not Eve's strong point... but she did not need it to take this fine photograph!
08/Nov/08 2:35 AM
Wow! What a beautiful rack! We were just commenting this morning that we have not seen any deer since we returned home on Monday. I wonder where they have all gone???? We were seeing them everyday before we left. I think they have this special sense!!!!
08/Nov/08 2:50 AM
Great shot, Eve!
08/Nov/08 2:58 AM
Took my line again, Hal.
08/Nov/08 3:13 AM
For an old fella, he's pretty sharp, isn't he, Cathy?
08/Nov/08 3:15 AM
The buck stops here..
08/Nov/08 3:19 AM
10:23 without possibilities. Wonderful shot Eve!
08/Nov/08 3:35 AM
3:18 Maen! An excuse to sing: "Do, a deer..."
08/Nov/08 3:47 AM
mAen all - I much perfer the rack on the deer and not on the wall. 78 and sunny here today - hope all is well with everyone.
08/Nov/08 4:25 AM
Great photo Eve.
08/Nov/08 5:38 AM
Just the way we like 'em, Judy!
08/Nov/08 6:37 AM
OMG, HalT & Judy! You two make me laugh so hard. Thanks and keep it up.
08/Nov/08 6:51 AM
Hal has rack envy?
08/Nov/08 7:33 AM
Cathy: Sorry.
Judy: Thank you, I think.
Junebug_Jenny: Thanks. There is nothing quite so sad as laughter not heard.
Kathy: Not envy, admiration. I admire anything well-racked, or well-stacked.
08/Nov/08 8:19 AM
Debby this the start if the rutt season. they are too busy for normal eating and roaming in the old normal places for a couple weeks.
08/Nov/08 8:30 AM
Now if that is not a timely comment ...
08/Nov/08 9:23 AM
Is it time to mention does in heat??
08/Nov/08 9:33 AM
Beautiful deer, must be wonderful to see them roaming around in the wild, we dont have any out here.
08/Nov/08 10:59 AM
I didn't notice that one of the racks had 3 rather than the normal 2 points. I also don't know my right from my left - it is best to see the direction I'm pointing rather than listen to what I say. There are more bucks around this year than last.
08/Nov/08 11:16 AM
Does my bum look big like this.......
08/Nov/08 1:04 PM
Nice big buck. I have heard that when they're young, the antlers on a buck are symetrical, but once they hit middle age, the number of tines on each of the antlers can differ. And the more tines on the antlers, the older the buck, so there is no "normal" number of points.
08/Nov/08 1:36 PM
Heidi when I read your comment I read it as tinnies (Oz term for cans of beer) The mental picture made me laugh.
08/Nov/08 4:31 PM
maen all! well fed buck with a rack like that...he'll be herding the girls up soon if he can avoid that arrow or bullet. nasty wintry day here in wisconsin today.
09/Nov/08 12:13 AM
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