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Hard Sudoku for 8/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Nice close-up
5:53 Maen Got stuck for a moment there... nice geranium picture!
Wow, one of my photos. There's not much colour in my garden but the good old geraniums and hibiscus always manage a bit of colour.
mAen! 15:39 - slooow. May be the cold weather is affecting my brain? But what a lovely flower! Should take my mind away from the near 30 below temperatures(centigrade, about -20 Fahrenheit) we 'enjoyed' today. I couldn't lock my car at the work this morning. The latch just wouldn't move. I barely More...
jyrki - I hope your car is still there when you go back to get it.
12:18 Another brain freeze.
pssst Anne,tell me this is a painting nah>>??
honest,i wouldnt tell anyone.......
12:14 - Unfortunately, I cannot blame low temperatures for slow time...
11:33 Hi to all. Reminds me of Spain as well full of geraniums on balconies..
Anne, beautiful flower in your garden. We won't see those here for 5 months. At least we're not as cold as some places. Jyrki, I hope you can get back into your car even if it is still there. When it's that cold, everything locks up.
A good thought provoking sudoku today.
Nice picture Anne!
A good puzzle for an Albany trip
Anne, beautiful photo, perfect focus, and ap is right, it does look like a painting. jyrki, I think that you were lucky that your car engine started. I will pray for you and all those in the world affected by bad weather today.
Lovely photo! One of those absolutely perfect shots.
6:01 and no mistakes and backing up. Lucky today.
Lovely photo Anne.
jyrki, when we lived in Canada these temperatures were fairly normal during winter. We carried in our pocket a small pressure pack of anti-freeze specifically for these occasions. It had a little tube which you could attach to the nozzle to direct the flow of anti-freeze More...
Hi everyone and good maEn all.
Perfect nice picture of beautiful geranium flower.
Anne you have a nice garden.
mAen all - lots of flowers here - my favorite ones are Jasmine - love the highly fragrant flowers - I have a very large Night Blooming Jasmine that sends the fragrance thru the house when the windows are open. In the 70's today.
10:05; beautiful flowers Anne, thanks for sharing on a rather grey and dull morning in N.Cal.
Almost did this one without help. Needed just one clue.
took me a while, but I dont plot anything but unique values.
the hardy geranium will grow almost anywhere
Can almost smell those geraniums from here. Put some colour in my day. (gaa the dentist)
I have always wondered if gardners, when parachute jumping, yell 'GERANIUM!!!!!'

Anne from Albany, W. Australia, thanks for sharing that photo of such a beautiful flower on such a snowy wintry day. It has brightened up my day.
Good evening to all! Nice flower Anne!

Jyrki: Sounds like Finland has the same weather front that we have her in Ottawa! Dress warmly!
Fire bloss - I'm glad my photo helped brighten up your day. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day even though it's very cold and snowy.
Anne, you did a great job with this photography! If these flowers were in my backyard in the summertime, they would draw the Hummingbirds. They love red habiscus and geraniums. Seeing these flowers is like feeling a ray of sunshine!
Beautiful photo Anne, geraniums always give a good show no matter how dry the garden.
Slow slowww slowwwwwww!!!! but i will get better. Love the flowers Anne
We referred to these as 'Mexican Geraniums' (with smooth leaves vs fuzzy, and viney limbs) when I lived in Germany, and they could survive the winter if dug up and the roots were protected. Then, when I lived in San Antonio years later, and went to the nursury to buy them for pots for my lovely More...
Great photo how garden is looking very dry at the moment we have harsh water restrictions no use of outside water at all
Lost something in translation. Retry:
We referred to these as 'Mexican Geraniums' (with smooth leaves vs fuzzy, and viney limbs) when I lived in Germany, and they could survive the winter if dug up and the roots were protected. (Big fave in window boxes there.)

Then, when I lived in San More...
Thanks for all the hints. The car was still there. Warming up the lock spray indoors for a couple of hours did the trick!

Living by the seashore adds to the wind chill in these parts (inlanders coming from 40 below to our balmy 25 below complain that its worse here).

My Canadian More...
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