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Hard Sudoku for 9/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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6:18 what eyes!!!
8.23 oooh, cute, happy kid
charming peeping teeth
8:57 -quite hard
5:59 - not too hard today
Maen to all. Happy little child with a very cute smile.
Under six minutes - maybe I will try tough today
H A P P Y - B A B Y ! Very nice.
Cute little big eyed toddler! The route I took was a bit tricky, almost trapped by it...
6:15 Cute little one.
10:24. That baby smile brightens my morning.
10:58 Hi to all. What beautiful eyes!

Fact/Fiction of the Day:

A dolphin's brain is structured so that only half sleeps at a time, allowing the alert half to maintain its breathing, and keep it surfacing for air.
8:31 - that bubba looks almost as happy as me! LOL!
Thouht I had reason to be happy - that time was precisely 1 second faster than my tome for the medium!!!!
Bright, almond-shaped eyes!
What a cutey!! Hard darn puzzle - took over 29:00!! Had some possibles marked wrong and took forever to figure out the error.
8'41 - che bella bambina!
10.06 very good for me
Forgot to set the timer.
Does anyone claim this cutie?
What a cutie!
What a doll!!! I forgot to set the timer, but that seemed fairly easy.
love kakuro and wordoku unable to print out the med. and hard on wordoku
About 23 minutes for me, forgot to pause timer to take a phone call. Whose beautiful baby?
The clock says 6:45 total minutes, 4:01 for setup, and 2:44 to solve, but I think I missed a few seconds when I paused to talk to a colleague.

Merry mAen to all. Cute baby. Might look better with fur, but, still, cute, anyway.
From The New York Times crossword puzzle editor, Will Shortz's announcement about the 29th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament: Special events this year include the 1st American Sudoku Smackdown (with a $500 first prize).

Sounds a tad violent, but then, it's sudoku.
16:29 - Probably one of my best times; when I kept hearing about the cute baby with pretty eyes, you know I had to hurry.

YUP, that's little Ashley Violet!! That was still taken back before Christmas and she's changed so much from even then! Thanks Gath for making my day.
Got so excited, meant to put a doggism:A dog is not 'almost human,' and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe is as such. -- John Holmes
9:51 CUTE.
Congratulations TB! She's beautiful.
8.01 Not a bad time for a novice like me! Hi to you all
good Maen all. Cute babe. Im slowly gettting my time down 11.21
11:38 but I made a bad mis-click and didn't realize for a while. Had to redo last third or so... gotta pay attention! Quite easy
Good maen, well under 10 minutes today. Still can't do those hard ones, though. I don't quite know the advanced strategies.
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