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Easy Sudoku for 11/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Sep/18 10:19 AM
Finally!!! Good evening all.
11/Sep/18 10:20 AM
At last!!! Good morning one and all!
Thank you Gath.
11/Sep/18 10:24 AM
everybody. Not often I'm this high on the list.

Time to take Tara for a walk so Keith's 22 is probably out of the question.

See you all later. Take care and be good!
11/Sep/18 10:24 AM
Too much grass on that beach.
11/Sep/18 10:27 AM
Oh yes! I was having withdrawal symptoms!!
11/Sep/18 10:28 AM
Phew! Thanks Gath!
11/Sep/18 10:37 AM
Not often I greet you all with, ''Evening.''

11/Sep/18 10:38 AM
Um ... that last was for shosho.
11/Sep/18 10:39 AM
1:45 Now to have some breakfast.
11/Sep/18 10:44 AM
I'd say the actual beach is the light tan area off in the distance.
11/Sep/18 10:46 AM
Good morning all. I too was unable to log onto this site, but the difference between our time zones means I've been frustrated for less time.
11/Sep/18 10:56 AM
With the ferocious storm about to descend on the Carolina's I hope that Hal, Barbara and all the family will be safe. I also hope that they will escape any property damage.
11/Sep/18 11:00 AM
Best wishes to those celebrating birthdays today, Jane, Broni and Jerbar. May all your wishes come true.
11/Sep/18 11:06 AM
Shiela, where are you? We need your weather report.
11/Sep/18 11:07 AM
Peter, the Cats not only lost the match, but didn't play a decent standard of football. The Wallabies got there though!
11/Sep/18 11:10 AM
Roll on next football season, though there are three weeks of finals left. Unfortunately the Dogs won't be playing. That's a CP too.
11/Sep/18 11:13 AM
Been the Cats problem all year, Wombat. Inconsistency - when they're hot they're hot and when they're not, they're not.
11/Sep/18 11:53 AM
Ah well, next year!
11/Sep/18 11:53 AM
Where's Keith....Oh Keith!!!
11/Sep/18 11:53 AM
Where are you, Keith. Old buddy, old pal?
11/Sep/18 11:54 AM
11/Sep/18 11:54 AM
Too late mate!

Ambles off into the distance.....
11/Sep/18 11:55 AM
Isn't that called trespassing, Peter? It's Keith's number and his patch to comment on.
11/Sep/18 12:00 PM
All's fair in... whatever, Anne.
11/Sep/18 12:44 PM
maEn ! I made it through the day without my Sudoku fix. Maybe there is hope for me.
11/Sep/18 12:46 PM
We had a nice rain this arvo. I expect more in the next few days. But our northern neighbors...

Wishing them the best.
11/Sep/18 12:48 PM
Now it's my bedtime. Night all.
11/Sep/18 12:50 PM
11/Sep/18 12:57 PM
1:53. Good night!
11/Sep/18 2:17 PM

People used a variety of strategies to solve this one, and they all worked well. Nine people again submitted, they were Sarah, Arachnid, Chris, Judy, Amelia, Kathy, Peter, Snowbird and Plum.


11/Sep/18 5:03 PM
1:21. Good evening everyone.
11/Sep/18 6:59 PM
Good Maen, good people. By getting here 'early' I'll get my greeting in yesterday instead of today, which is actually tomorrow from yesterday's point of view. And so it's Jane's actual birthday now. Best wishes, Jane. Belated best to Broni. I'll buy you both a drink of choice for 33.
11/Sep/18 11:09 PM
all. Wow! What a start to this day. My smilies are back and the Easy is back too. Now if I can just get rid of this sciatica, all will be well in my world. I'm off to begin finishing my quilting. Hope your day goes well.
11/Sep/18 11:53 PM
11/Sep/18 11:59 PM
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